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List of Ships for Holland America Line

Amsterdam Amsterdam
The MS Amsterdam cruise ship, named after the Dutch capital, is a part of Holland America Line’s Signature class. The three deck atrium features a carving known as the Planeto Astrolabium. This work of art at the centre of the ship and showcases a... Click to continue>
Eurodam Eurodam
Eurodam considered as the largest cruise belonging to the Holland America Line and came into service in 2008. It belongs to the Signature class that seems to have evolved from the previous ships of HAL to a medium size cruise with over 10 decks that... Click to continue>
Maasdam Maasdam
Maasdam, a cruise ship named after the River Maas situated in Netherlands, belongs to the Holland America Line of ships. It is the fifth ship of the HAL vessel and has been in service since 1993. This cruise was built to carry lesser number... Click to continue>
Noordam Noordam
Noordam is a Vista –class Holland America cruise. It is a name derived from the Dutch word ‘Noor’ meaning ‘North’. It is also considered as HAL’s new generation cruises. The ship has a diesel and electric power plant to make optimum use of the... Click to continue>
Oosterdam Oosterdam
Oosterdam is the second Vista class vessel from Holland America cruise line. The heart of the ship has a Waterford crystal globe that stretches all through three decks of the atrium. The ship is decked with crystals, embellished wood work and brass.... Click to continue>
Prinsendam Prinsendam
Holland America Line’s Prinsendam, which means ‘Princess’, is a Vista-class vessel. She was built in 1988 as the Royal Viking Sun sailing under the Royal Viking cruise line. The centre piece of Prinsendam is the three deck atrium a Bolle glass... Click to continue>
Rotterdam Rotterdam
MS Rotterdam VI is the pride of Holland America Line fleet. The ship, built in 1997, features Dutch culture and heritage it exhibits covering more than hundred years of history. The central eye catching piece of art is the embellished sculpture of... Click to continue>
Ryndam Ryndam
Ryndam is the third cruise ship from Holland America Line’s Statendam class with a length of 220 meters weighing nearly 55,000 tons and travelling at 22 knots. The interior design of the ship exhibits a touch of Dutch heritage and culture featuring... Click to continue>
Statendam Statendam
Statendam, from Holland America Line, belongs to the Statendam class. The ship was built to accommodate up to 1200 passengers and weighs 55,000 tons and cruises at a speed of 22 knots. The huge three deck atrium is afocal point of the ship. The... Click to continue>
Veendam Veendam
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Volendam Volendam
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Westerdam Westerdam
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Zaandam Zaandam
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Zuiderdam Zuiderdam
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