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Tall Ships of the World (A)

Adventuress Adventuress
Adventuress is a two-masted schooner currently operated by sound Experience, a non-profit organisation involved in environmental education. Sound Experience educational activities include public day sails, free dockside tours, family sails, teen... Click to continue>

af Chapman af Chapman
The af Chapman is a three-masted steel sailing ship. It is used as a youth hostel located in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden on the island Skeppsholmen. The island is connected to the city by a bridge. All the rooms onboard have bunk beds and bed... Click to continue>

AJ Meerwald AJ Meerwald
The A.J. Meerwald is a restored oyster schooner and is now the state ship of New Jersey. The ship has an oak hull and is powered by sail and has an auxiliary engine. She can carry 44 passengers. Click to continue>

Akogare Akogare
Akogare is a three-masted topsail schooner based in Osaka, Japan, and owned by the City of Osaka. The steel-hulled ship was built as a Sail Training Ship. A number of training programs are offered including introductory programs of one to four days,... Click to continue>

Alabama Alabama
The Alabama is a two-masted wooden schooner built in Pensacola, Florida, in 1926. She is owned by Black Dog Tall Ships, who offer a "Kids Cruise" program on the schooner. On these cruises the children learn life skills, and find out about maritime... Click to continue>

Albanus Albanus
Albanus is a two-masted gaff schooner. She is currently used as a sail training vessel for youth training and school camps, but can also be booked for private events. The ship has 21 berths, and can carry 45 passengers on day excursions. Click to continue>

Alexander von Humboldt II Alexander von Humboldt II
Alexander von Humboldt is a sail training ship based in Bremerhaven in Germany. She is a beautiful three-masted barque with distinctive green hull and sails, and is owned by Deutsche Stiftung Sail Training (German Sail Training Foundation). She can... Click to continue>

Alma Alma
The Alma is a two-masted scow schooner with gaff rigged sails. A scow schooner has a broad, shallow hull, without a deep keel. The boat is a National Historic Landmark and can be seen at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park in... Click to continue>

Alma Doepel Alma Doepel
The Alma Doepel is an Australian three-masted topsail schooner. She is currently owned by Sail & Adventure Limited and is undergoing an extensive renovation and refit, before her planned return to service as a sail training ship with Youth Sail... Click to continue>
American Eagle American Eagle
The two-masted schooner, American Eagle, is owned by Captain John Foss and sails on cruises around cost of Maine. The vessel is fully restored and features a panelled main cabin and wood galley range. The schooner is licensed for international... Click to continue>

American Pride American Pride
American Pride is a three-masted schooner, with distinctive terracotta coloured sails. She is based in Long Beach California and used as a sail training ship, and also offers marine science and history programs for schools. These activities range... Click to continue>

Amerigo Vespucci Amerigo Vespucci
The Amerigo Vespucci is a full-rigged three-masted tall ship based in Livorno, Italy. she is owned by the Italian Navy (Marina Militare) and used as a training ship. The steel-hulled ship is painted black with two bold horizontal white stripes. The... Click to continue>

Amistad Amistad
Freedom Schooner Amistad is a wooden topsail schooner operated by Amistad America. The two-masted sailing ship has over 800 square metres of sail area. She was built in 1999 as a replica of a 19th century two-masted schooner named La Amistad. She is... Click to continue>

Antigua Antigua
The Antigua is a tall ship operated by the Tall Ship Company. She is a 49.5 metre long three masted barkentine with sail area of 750 square metres. Antigua is available for day charters and can accommodate 95 guests, with cabin accommodation for 32.... Click to continue>

Aphrodite Aphrodite
Aphrodite is a built twin-masted brig based in Stavoran in The Netherlands. The white ship has a steel hull and mostly wooden superstructure, and is 38 m in length with a width of 6.6 m. The bow features a bold figurehead of the Greek goddess of... Click to continue>

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