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List of Ships for Moby Lines

Freedom Freedom
Freedom is a former Moby Lines ship where she used to operate a fast cruise ferry servicing Sardinia and Corsica crossings. The ship is 175m long and 27m broad, with capacity to transport 2080 passengers and 700 vehicles at atop speed of 29 knots.... Click to continue>

Moby Aki Moby Aki
The Moby Aki is a fast cruise ferry from the Italian ferry and cruise ferry company, Moby Lines. The sides of the ship are decorated with Warner Brothers decorated with "Looney Tunes" characters. The ship is 175m long and 27.6m wide, with a top... Click to continue>
Moby Baby Moby Baby
The Moby Baby is an Italian ferry sailing between the mainland an Elba. The ship's sides are decorated with whale artwork by "Ettore Sottsass jr." The ship is 101m in length and 18 m wide, and can carry 1100 passengers and 220 vehicles. Click to continue>
Moby Bastia Moby Bastia
The Moby Bastia is a passenger ferry from Moby Lines, an Italian shipping com-pany taht operates ferries and cruise ferries. This is one of the smaller Moby ships with dimensions of 75m long by 13m wide. The sides of the vessel are decorated with... Click to continue>
Moby Drea Moby Drea
The Moby Drea is a fast cruise ferry operating on Moby Lines Sardinia crossing. The ship is brightly decorated with distinctive "Looney Tunes" artwork. The ship is 185m long and 27m, wide and carries up to 1900 passengers and 500 vehicles at a top... Click to continue>
Moby Fantasy Moby Fantasy
The Moby Fantasy is a Moby Lines cruise ferry capable of carrying 1200 passengers and 400 vehicles. The ship is 142m long and 22m wide, and in common with many vessels in the Moby fleet, the ship sides are decorated in distinctive "Looney Tunes"... Click to continue>
Moby Lally Moby Lally
The Moby Lally is a roll on/roll off ferry that carries 1150 passengers and 300 vehicles on the Italy mainland to Elba route. The sides of the ship are decorated in cartoon character artwork by "Projekt Silver". The ship is 119m long and 19m broad. Click to continue>
Moby Love Moby Love
The Moby Love is a ferry operating on the Elba route from mainland Italy, and is 115 m long and 19m broad. The sides of the vessel are decorated with artwork by "Mordillo". The ship can transport 1200 passengers and 250 vehicles. Click to continue>
Moby Otta Moby Otta
The Moby Otta is 185m long and 27m broad and like many of the ships in the Moby Lines fleet has hull decorated with "Looney Tunes" cartoon characters from Warner Brothers. This fast cruise ferry operates on the Sardinia crossings from mainland... Click to continue>
Moby Tommy Moby Tommy
The Moby Tommy is a fast cruise ferry with air-conditioned accommodation and heliport. The sides of the vessel are brightly decorated with "Looney Tunes" characters. The ship is one of the largest in the Moby fleet at 212m long and 25m wide,... Click to continue>
Moby Vincent Moby Vincent
Moby Vincent is a cruise ferry on the Italy to Corsica route. The ship is 120m long and 22m wide and can accommodate up to 1600 passengers and 570 vehicles. The hull is decorated with "Looney Tunes" artwork. Click to continue>
Moby Wonder Moby Wonder
The Moby Wonder is a fast cruise ferry capable of speeds of 29 knots. The ship can carry up to 2080 passengers in air-conditioned comfort, with room for 700 vehicles, and also a kennel for transporting domestic pets. The hull is decorated with... Click to continue>

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