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Tall Ships of the World (C)

Caledonia Caledonia
Caledonia is a 75 metre long square-rigged barquentine. Until 2009 she was operated by Canadian Sailing Expeditions (CSE) sailing eastern Canada, Quebec and the Caribbean. Click to continue>

Californian Californian
Californian is a wooden-hulled topsail schooner, and is the state tall ship of California. The 44 metre long sailing ship has total sail area of around 700 square metres. Californian is based at the Maritime Museum of San Diego, in San Diego,... Click to continue>

Capitan Miranda Capitan Miranda
The Capitán Miranda is a three-masted schooner owned by the Uruguayan Navy. The ship has sailed to many parts of the world, participating in Tall ships events representing the country of Uruguay. The has toured over half a million nautical miles as... Click to continue>

Caravel Boa Esperanca Caravel Boa Esperanca
The Caravel Boa Esperança is an approximate replica of a 15th century Portuguese sailing ship known as a caravel. The original Boa Esperança caravel sailed on voyages of discovery as far as the Indian Ocean in the fifteenth century. The replica is... Click to continue>

Charles W. Morgan Charles W. Morgan
The Charles W. Morgan is the last surviving wooden whaling ship in America. The ship can be seen at Mystic Seaport, The Museum of America and the Sea in Mystic, Connecticut. In early 2012, the ship was undergoing extensive restoration program... Click to continue>

Christian Radich Christian Radich
The Christian Radich is a Norwegian full rigged sailing ship. The steel-hulled , three-masted ship carries a total of about 1360 square metres of sail. She is based in Oslo, Norway and has a crew of 18, and capable of carrying 88 passengers. The... Click to continue>

Cisne Branco Cisne Branco
Cisne Branco is a three-masted tall ship belonging to the Brazilian Navy, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The white ship is 74m long with 15 sails and is designed in the style of a 19th century clipper. She is used as a sail training ship for... Click to continue>

Clearwater Clearwater
Clearwater is a gaff sloop owned by The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater Inc, an organisation that aims to protect the Hudson River and associated waterways. The organisation was founded by singer Pete Seeger, and focuses on environmental advocacy and... Click to continue>

Constellation Constellation
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Constitution Constitution
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Corwith Cramer Corwith Cramer
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Creoula Creoula
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Cuauhtemoc Cuauhtemoc
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Cutty Sark Cutty Sark
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