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Arctic and Antarctic Cruise Ships

50 Years of Victory 50 Years of Victory
The 50 Years of Victory Expedition Ship is the world's largest nuclear-powered icebreaker, and can smash through ice about 3m thick on its way to the Arctic and the North Pole. This vessel offers an unforgettable cruising experience for the 128... Click to continue>

Akademik Ioffe Akademik Ioffe
Originally designed as a research vessel, the ship actually travels extremely quietly as acoustic research was to be done while it was cruising. She now takes passengers on Arctic Cruises and Antarctic cruises. This is great for passengers, as there... Click to continue>

Akademik Sergey Vavilov Akademik Sergey Vavilov
The Akademik Sergey Vavilov is currently owned by the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences. It travels worldwide for both cruise and research purposes. It bears the flag of the Russian Federation, and is the vessel to... Click to continue>

Akademik Shokalskiy Akademik Shokalskiy
MV Akademik Shokalskiy is a ship with strengthened hull for sailing arctic and Antarctic waters. She is a sister ship to the Polar Pioneer. The ship has a Russian crew. Onboard is a fleet of inflatable Zodiacs for sightseeing and shore access. Click to continue>

Antarctic Dream Antarctic Dream
The Antarctic Dream is a single-hull Antarctic passenger vessel. The vessel is 83 metres in length with a breadth of 11.9 metres, and is equipped with a sickbay and also has a heliport. The hull is reinforced for travelling through ice, and the... Click to continue>

Bremen Bremen
The cruise ship MS Bremen is an expedition cruise ship operated by Hapag Lloyd. The ship is four star plus rating according to Berlitz Cruise Guide 2012, with spacious rooms and quality equipment and furnishings for the 164 guests onboard to enjoy.... Click to continue>

Expedition Expedition
MS Expedition is a cruise ship owned by G Adventures of Canada. The ship has a 360 degree viewing from the upper decks, and the raised Canada Goose Observation deck offers a great location for wildlife spotting. A fleet of 14 zodiacs is available... Click to continue>

Hanseatic Hanseatic
MS Hanseatic is a an expedition cruise ship owned and operated by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. The five star rated ship carries 184 guest in luxury. The ship, like the MS Bremen from the same fleet, is rated E4 ice class, the highest ice class rating for a... Click to continue>

Kapitan Dranitsyn Kapitan Dranitsyn
Kapitan Dranitsyn is a Russian icebreaker, and is a sister ship to the Kapitan Khlebnikov. She has more been modified as a passenger ship and offers cruise excursions to the Arctic Ocean for groups of up to 100 passengers The ship has a helicopter,... Click to continue>
Kapitan Khlebnikov Kapitan Khlebnikov
The Kapitan Khlebnikov is an icebreaker that can be operated from both the main bridge and an auxiliary bridge towards the rear of the ship, allowing her to break ice both forwards and backwards. She can break through ice 1.5m thick at a speed of 1... Click to continue>

National Geographic Explorer National Geographic Explorer
 Click to continue>

Ocean Nova Ocean Nova
Ocean Nova has an ice-strengthened hull and shallow draft to help maneuver within the ice bound bays and inlets of Antarctica. She can cruise to the far reaches of these remote waters.
The ship carries a maximum of 68 passengers in comfortable... Click to continue>

Sampo Sampo
Sampo is an arctuic cruise ship based in Kemi, Finland. The icebreaker was built for operating in arctic conditions and is capable of breaking through ice 80 cm - 120 cm thick. The Sampo arctic cruising season runs from December to April, and each... Click to continue>

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