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List of Ships for MSC Italian Cruises

MSC Armonia MSC Armonia
Aside from giving top-of-the-line luxury cruises, the MSC Italian Cruises vessels are also known for their tight security. For years, they have been used as main transportation vessels for the world’s most important leaders. It is also a favorite... Click to continue>
MSC Fantasia MSC Fantasia
The MSC Fantasia is the flagship of the MSC Italian Cruises. It’s one of the cruise line’s biggest vessels carrying up to 3900 passengers. While it’s sophisticated, there are amenities for children, making it a family-friendly cruise ship. What make... Click to continue>
MSC Lirica MSC Lirica
The MSC Lirica has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. It’s perfect for travelers who prefer casual cruising but who just couldn’t do without the elegance of an old-school ship. It has a big theater with impressive lighting and sounds, dining areas... Click to continue>
MSC Magnifica MSC Magnifica
MSC Magnifica has amenities that redefine luxury travel. The cabins onboard this ship are spacious, and most of them have balconies facing the sea. Passengers also get to enjoy top of the line spa treatments from MSC Aurea Spa. This vessel is built... Click to continue>
MSC Melody MSC Melody
The MSC Melody might be an old ship, but it certainly isn’t lacking in modern amenities. Before putting it back into service, the MSC Italian Cruises made sure that it was refurbished enough to be at par with its newer sister vessels. The MSC Melody... Click to continue>
MSC Musica MSC Musica
The main lobby of the MSC Musica would tell you why the ship was named like so. There is a floating piano standing on a suspended crystal floor, all on top of a three-layered water fall. Having said that, the over-the-top centerpiece is really just... Click to continue>
MSC Opera MSC Opera
The MSC Opera is a Mistral class cruise ship which can give you the authentic Italian luxury cruising experience. It boasts of old fashioned elegance, but it doesn’t disappoint today’s passengers either with its top-of-the-line modern amenities. The... Click to continue>
MSC Orchestra MSC Orchestra
The MSC Orchestra is one of MSC Italian Cruises’ newest cruise vessels. It’s also one of the biggest and could carry more than 2,000 passengers. While the vessel is very elegant and there are a lot of facilities designed for adults, there are also... Click to continue>
MSC Poesia MSC Poesia
The MSC Poesia is patterned after the MSC Musica. While it also features elegant luxury amenities, the focus is more on the arts. From the decorations in the staterooms to the elegant lobby centerpiece, you’re sure to fall in love with this vessel.... Click to continue>
MSC Sinfonia MSC Sinfonia
The MSC Sinfonia marries comfort and style in a single vessel. The concept of the ship’s design was borne out of the sophistication of Europe’s best symphonies. Once you get onboard, you’ll be welcomed by elegant interiors and world class service.... Click to continue>
MSC Splendida MSC Splendida
The MSC Splendida was built based on its sister-vessel, the MSC Fantasia. The concept of the ship is simple: modernity and utter comfort. While the MSC Splendida still carries the same brand of Italian sophistication, it is undoubtedly one of the... Click to continue>

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