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  AIDAdiva (AIDA Cruises)

AIDAdiva | AIDA Cruises
AIDAdiva in Kiel
Photograph by VollwertBIT. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

AIDAdiva | AIDA Cruises
AIDAdiva in Kiel - stern view
Photograph by VollwertBIT. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

AIDAdiva | AIDA Cruises
AIDAdiva at Nacht
Photograph by Wieschendahl. License: Public Domain.  (view image details)


AIDAdiva is a resort-class, family-friendly cruise ship with possibly the world’s largest spa facility along with its sister cruise ships in the AIDA Cruises. Built in 2007 by Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany, it is highly-lauded for its glass-domed theatre, excellent bars and restaurants, its fine line of sporting and relaxation facilities, as well as its excellent German-speaking crew. Largely marketed for German-speaking passengers, you may want to brush up on a few useful phrases if this isn’t your native language. Even the announcements onboard are in German. Riding with the AIDAdiva is a once in a lifetime experience you mustn’t miss out on, so a few basic German lessons might not be that bad at all.

The AIDAdiva is one of the most well-travelled cruise ships in the AIDA Cruises’ line. During the summer months, the AIDAdiva sets sail from numerous German ports to the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia. In the wintertime, the AIDAdiva offers fly-cruises to the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands. There are also fly-cruises to the Middle East and the Caribbean.

The AIDAdiva was built in Papenburg, Germany in 2007 by Meyer Werft. It was the first of the AIDA cruise ships to be built as a resort-class vessel, or a vessel which can carry over 2,000 passengers. Compared to the AIDAcara, the AIDAdiva has a bigger theatre, more cabins, more balcony accommodations, more restaurants, and more spacious spa and sporting facilities. The amenities of the ship were purposefully designed to attract the younger, more active crowd, and it’s among the few first-class ships around the globe which welcomes families with children. It currently sails with the flag of Italy.

Dining is always a pleasurable experience onboard the AIDAdiva. The Rossini restaurant offers ala carte dining for passengers who prefer the more formal set-up. This is the only restaurant serviced by waiters onboard. The Market and Buffalo Steakhouse restaurants, on the other hand, offer buffet-style free-seating dining. The Market restaurant specialized in fresh seafood dishes, even sashimi. The Buffalo Steakhouse, as the name suggests, serves the finest meat dishes. There is also the Bella Vista which offers pasta and pizza at any hour of the day. There are numerous bars scattered in the ship—by the pool or the disco area—so whenever passengers feel like having a drink, they can always order the best beers and cocktails.

The highlight of the ship is its glass-domed Theatrium which allows guests to watch performances while being graced by star-lit skies as well. There are also eleven bars you can socialize in, three glass-enclosed decks serving as dancing areas, and a casino for passengers who are feeling frivolous and adventurous with their money. Aside from the Theatrium, the AIDAdiva also has a Kid’s Theatre for younger audiences who may not appreciate the more mature shows in the Theatrium.

There are over 10 choices for cabins, suites, and Junior suites and Premium suites onboard the AIDAdiva. The cabins also have balconied and non-balconied types. Sizes also vary depending on the passengers needs. For the inner cabins, you can choose from three different layouts. The balcony cabins come in two sizes: 14.5 sq m and 17 sq m. The outside cabins, on the other hand, come in 14 sq m, and 16.5 sq m layouts. Some of these may have restricted views, depending on their positions inside the cruise ships. These cabins are air conditioned with all the basic amenities including a pressurized toilet and a shower/bath. Suites include junior suites, regular suites, deluxe suites, premium suites. These have more spacious living quarters, more amenities, and all suites have their own private viewing decks.

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Ship Summary
Operator:AIDA Cruises
Built by:Meyer Werft,
Papenburg, Germany
Date Completed:2007
Gross Tonnage:68500
Length:251.76 m
Width:32.19 m