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  AIDAcara (AIDA Cruises)

AIDAcara | AIDA Cruises
M/S AIDAcara leaving from Helsinki.
Photograph by Antti Havukainen. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

AIDAcara | AIDA Cruises
AIDAcara in Warnemünde on the Baltic
Photograph by Darkone. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

AIDAcara | AIDA Cruises
AIDAcara in Warnemünde on the Baltic
Photograph by Darkone. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)


The AIDAcara is one of the more intimate vessels of the AIDA Cruises, travelling to smaller bodies of water which cannot accommodate AIDA’s bigger ships. The AIDAcara currently has nine decks, enough entertainment and wellness facilities for its passengers, and a more casual atmosphere compared to its bigger sister ships. Despite the smaller size, AIDAcara isn’t lacking in recreational amenities. Jogging trails and mini-golf courses are available onboard and there’s even a Diving Station for water sports buff. The crew is German-speaking because the company anticipates a largely German market. It would be very useful for you to learn a bit of the European language if you plan to travel with the AIDA Cruises.

The AIDAcara currently runs eighty-seven cruises annually. These frequent locations such as the Baltic Sea, Canary Islands, British Isles, German Bight, Spitsbergen, South America, and the Transatlantic. During the winter months, the AIDAcara begins its cruise from the Atlantic to southern locations like the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, and Columbia. Come September, it begins its transatlantic trip from Hamburg to the port of New York.

AIDAcara currently sails the flag of Italy. It was built in 1996 under a different name (Clubschiff) by Kvaerner Masa of Arkona Reisen in Yards, Turku, Finland. It wasn’t until P&O Cruises purchased a part of the company that it was renamed AIDA and renamed AIDAcara when two more sister ships AIDAvita and AIDAaura were introduced to the same fleet in 2001. Today, it’s known as the oldest ship in the AIDA Cruises fleet. This vessel underwent refitting in 2005 to accommodate more cabins. The AIDAcara is a resort-class vessel.

The ship currently has three restaurants and five bars onboard. Both the Calypso and the Markt (market) restaurants offer free-seating buffet dining. The Rossini Restaurant, on the other hand, offers a more formal setting. It is the only restaurant in the ship serviced by waiters. There are bars in the Calypso restaurant, the pool area and specific parts of the deck. Passengers can freely choose which restaurants they want to dine in, although the Rossini restaurant accommodates only adults.

The AIDAcara may be a smaller vessel compared to its sister ships but it has complete amenities to keep its passengers entertained. Passengers are free to take a dip at the pool, play golf, basketball, volleyball, go jogging around the outdoor deck trail, or learn how to dive using the ship’s Diving Station. After an exhausting game or run, passengers can also enjoy the sauna and spa facilities available onboard. There is also a notable Disco facility as well as the DAStheatre which can keep passengers entertained while they’re onboard.

There are 590 cabins built on the AIDAcara and they’re categorized into 10 different cabin types. Only a limited number of cabins have balconies. The most spacious cabins are on Deck 7 measuring 17.5 sq.meters. The outside cabins from decks 4 to 6 measure 13 to 17 sq. meters while the inside cabins measure 14.5 sq. meters. All of these cabins have air conditioning and all the basic amenities passengers could need.

If they prefer a bigger space with its own bathroom and shower, private viewing decks, satellite TV, a private safe and other luxuries not available in the other cabins, passengers would have to book for the Premium Suites. There are four suites in the AIDAcara which measure 35 sq. meters each.

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Ship Summary
Operator:AIDA Cruises
Built by:Kvaerner Masa-Yards, Turku, Finland
Date Completed:1996
Gross Tonnage:38531
Length:193 m
Width:28 m