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  AIDAbella (AIDA Cruises)

AIDAbella | AIDA Cruises
AIDAbella, Meyer Werft in Papenburg
Photograph by Thiedbolt. License: Public Domain.  (view image details)

AIDAbella | AIDA Cruises
AIDABella on transfer from Papenburg to Emden, taken near Weener
Photograph by Guandalug. License: Public Domain.  (view image details)


The AIDAbella is a fairly new addition to the AIDA Cruise Lines, and itís currently one of the largest ships in the fleet. From a distance, youíll be able to see its majestic glass-domed Theatrium right away. Lauded for its spa and sports facilities, itís the perfect long cruise vessel for professionals who would like to get away from it all for a while. The ship has a crew thatís German-speaking as itís marketed mainly for German-speaking passengers. If this is not your native language, you may want to brush up on a few useful phrases. The ship accepts children as passengers.

The ship plies routes mainly in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Its Baltic Sea operations are usually pegged in the summer while it cruises the Canary Islands in the winter.

The AIDAbella was constructed in 2007 in Germany by Meyer Werft and was christened in 2008 by Eva Padberg. Its first voyage was held a day after its christening (April 24) cruising to Copenhagen, Bergen, Oslo and Gothenberg. It took three years for this ship to be built and it cost Ä315 million. The AIDAbella is a Sphinx-class ship and is apparently the first sphinx vessel made by Werft.

The AIDAbella has eleven bars and seven restaurants to cater to its guests. These include the Calypso, the Rossini, and the Market restaurant which offer a variety of German and international cuisines. The bars include the Hemmingway Lounge, the Pool Grill, the Pool Bar, and the Nightfly Bar which serve impressive cocktails, hard drinks, beer and other beverages.

The AIDAbella has a lot of amenities which make sports, relaxation, and pure entertainment possible. Sports-minded passengers will find the jogging trail which runs for miles around the cruise ship very useful. There are also gym facilities and a court where passengers can play basketball and volleyball. Passengers who would like to go for a swim wonít be disappointed with the shipís pool. For those who want to relax, thereís a nudist sundeck on one part of the ship and an impressive Body and Soul spa where passengers can enjoy full body massages and other treats. During inland excursions, you can request for bikes to explore the destination on wheels. Passengers may also sign up for diving tours if the ship comes across coral reefs. As for the entertainment facilities, the most impressive is the AIDAbellaís Theatrium, a glass-domed theatre. This theatre has a three-layered seating and operates at night. The view is especially spectacular because of the starlit sky passengers can look at above the stage. There is also a casino onboard for passengers who would like to try out their luck.

The ship has 213 indoor cabins and 420 outdoor cabins. Indoor rooms can accommodate two to three passengers, while the outdoor cabins are suitable for up to four people. There are two outdoor cabin types to choose from: window cabins and balcony cabins. There are about 60 comfortable outdoor cabins with balconies. Passengers can also choose from the shipís luxurious suites.

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Ship Summary
Operator:AIDA Cruises
Built by:Meyer Werft, Papenburg
Date Completed:2008
Gross Tonnage:69203
Length:252 m
Width:32.2 m