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  MSC Melody (MSC Italian Cruises)

MSC Melody | MSC Italian Cruises
MSC Melody
Photograph by Arno Esterhuizen. License: Public Domain.  (view image details)


The MSC Melody might be an old ship, but it certainly isnít lacking in modern amenities. Before putting it back into service, the MSC Italian Cruises made sure that it was refurbished enough to be at par with its newer sister vessels. The MSC Melody has big rooms, elegant trimmings, a comfortable but sophisticated atmosphere. Itís family friendly, and the crew speaks perfect English even if the ship is Italian. There are amenities for children as well as adults onboard. This is a Mistral-class cruise ship.

The MSC Melody makes trips to the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Northern Europe, South Africa, the Caribbean, North and South America, and the Trans-Atlantic all throughout the year. The most highly lauded cruise, though, are the Mediterranean and the Northern European trips during the winter and summer months.

The MSC Melody is the MSC Italian Cruisesí oldest vessel. It was built in 1982 by CNIM at La Seyne, France, but not for MSC. The ship was originally owned by Home Lines and was called the MS Atlantic. In 1988, the ship was sold to Premier Cruise Line, and was renamed MS Starship Atlantic. Nine years later, in 1997, MSC bought the vessel. They renamed it MSC Melody in 2004. It currently bears the flag of Panama, and continues to sail to the top destinations of MSC Italian Cruises. It the MSC Melody seems familiar to you, itís because in April of 2009, it was attacked by Somalian Pirates. The passengers and the cruise shipís security team fought off the pirates, though, and with the help of Spanish military vessels, the pirates were arrested after two days.

There are three restaurants onboard the MSC Melody and two of them offer waiter-service. The Galaxy is indoors, while the Riviera Terrace is outdoors. The dishes are mostly Italian. For a more casual dining experience, you can also go to the Sunrise Terrace Buffet Restaurant. They serve Italian and international cuisines for lunch.

The MSC Melody has a quaint theater called the Club Universe which can seat up to 500 guests. Passengers can also dance at the Starlight Disco. If you feel like trying your luck, you can roll the dice at the Casino. Teens and teens at heart, on the other hand, can take advantage of the shipís spacious video game room. There is also a wellness center for those who would like spa treatments and massages. If you want to keep yourself in shape, thereís a jogging track onboard the ship, a gym, and two swimming pools.

There are four cabin types available onboard the MSC Melody. Thereís a very big discrepancy between the sizes of the Suites and the cabins below it. The Suites have floor spaces that are as big as 43 square meters. The Mini Suites only have 18 square meters of space. Both suite types have their own baths and the top amenities the cruise ship can offer, though. The Outside cabins are just as big as the mini suites but are less decorated. The inner cabins are the smallest at 13 square meters. There are no balconies in any cabins, but all have air conditioning systems.

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Ship Summary
Operator:MSC Italian Cruises
Built by:CNIM, La Seyne, France
Date Completed:1982
Gross Tonnage:35143
Length:204.8 meters
Width:27.35 m