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  MSC Lirica (MSC Italian Cruises)

MSC Lirica | MSC Italian Cruises
cruise ship MSC Lirica in Panama
Photograph by joost j. bakker from ijmuiden, the netherlands. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

MSC Lirica | MSC Italian Cruises
MSC Lirica in Kiel
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MSC Lirica | MSC Italian Cruises
MSC Lirica at FlŚm
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The MSC Lirica has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Itís perfect for travelers who prefer casual cruising but who just couldnít do without the elegance of an old-school ship. It has a big theater with impressive lighting and sounds, dining areas which would allow passengers to view the sea while enjoying their meals, and enough facilities to keep the children entertained while the adults are having fun. Itís a fast favorite among traveling families, and while the cruise line is based in Italy, the crew speaks English perfectly well.

The vessel cruises to the Mediterranean and the Northern Europe in both the winter and summer months. Cruises to the Emirates, South and North America, the Caribbean, and South Africa are also held throughout the year. All of these cruises run for two weeks or less, so youíre sure to get a cruise schedule to one of these locations no matter what time of the year it may be.

The MSC Lirica was built in 2003 by Aker Yards in Saint-Nazaire, France. Its first owner is MSC Italian Cruises, and its name has never been changed. This is a Mistral-class cruise ship, and is noted to be the first vessel to be included in the MSC thatís been built, solely, for the company. The vessels before her were hand-me-downs from other cruise companies.

Indoor and outdoor dining are available onboard the MSC Lirica. The main dining areas are the LíIppocampo and the La Bussola. If you wish to dine outdoors, you can enjoy your meals at the La Pergola. All three restaurants serve Italian and Mediterranean dishes. There is also a cafť onboard which serves Italian lunches but in smaller portions. For a quick lunch, you can go to Le Bistrot Cafeteria.

The Broadway theater of this ship can accommodate up to 713 guests. There is also a casino and a disco area which features topnotch lighting and sound systems. If youíre traveling with teens, donít worry about keeping them preoccupied. Thereís a video game room onboard featuring the best virtual reality games in the market. For relaxation, you can also go to the spa or take a swim in one of the shipís pools. Fitness decks for jogging and sports are also available. A fully equipped gym is open for guests.

All cabins onboard the MSC Lirica are air conditioned, comparatively spacious, and have their own bathrooms and writing desks. There are only three cabin types: inside, outside and the suites. The Suites with balconies are the most impressive. However, as pointed out earlier, the MSC Lirica stresses on relaxed but elegant cruising. This is why you know youíre not getting anything less than luxurious even if you book their smallest cabins.

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Ship Summary
Operator:MSC Italian Cruises
Built by:Aker yards, Saint-Nazaire, France
Date Completed:2003
Gross Tonnage:58825
Length:251.25 meters
Width:28.82 meters