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  MSC Splendida (MSC Italian Cruises)

MSC Splendida | MSC Italian Cruises
The cruise ship, MSC Splendida, on maiden voyage to Barcelona under the 25 de Abril Bridge in Lisbon.
Photograph by Jolly Janner. License: Public Domain.  (view image details)

MSC Splendida | MSC Italian Cruises
cruise ship, MSC Splendida in Lisbon
Photograph by Jolly Janner. License: Public Domain.  (view image details)


The MSC Splendida was built based on its sister-vessel, the MSC Fantasia. The concept of the ship is simple: modernity and utter comfort. While the MSC Splendida still carries the same brand of Italian sophistication, it is undoubtedly one of the line’s more modern ships. It has an impressive sports deck, a total of four swimming pools, the MSC Aurea Spa and other amenities which spell a sophisticated lifestyle. The ship is also highly lauded because of its eco-friendly energy system.

MSC Cruise Ships, including the MSC Splendida have scattered cruise itineraries to South Africa, North America, South America, the Caribbean, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Transatlantic. The highlights are the Northern European and Mediterranean tours during the winter and the summer.

The MSC Splendida officially came into service in 2009. While it was being built, the company was thinking of calling it the MSC Serenata. The plans changed, though, and it was christened MSC Splendida in 2009. It currently carried the Panama flag, and is constructed as a Fantasia-class cruise ship. It was built by STX Europe in Saint-Nazaire, France.

There are two restaurants in the MSC Splendida that offer waiter-serviced dining. They are the La Reggia and the Villa Verde Restaurants. The La Reggia is pegged for its ultra-fine dining amenities and fine wines. The Villa Verde Restaurant offers authentic Mediterranean dishes and the best views of the sea. If you belong to the MSC Yacht Club, you also get to enjoy the L’Olivo. This is a private restaurant which can’t be accessed by all of the passengers. They serve exotic dishes with the best wines from France, Italy and Spain. For casual dining needs, there’s also the Tex Mex Santa Fe Restaurant. This served Mexican food, tequilas, enchiladas, and has the vibe of a traditional restaurant. There is also a café, an ice cream and desserts parlor, and a jazz bar for cocktails and socializing.

The MSC Splendida has a big theater which can seat 1600 passengers. The Club 33 Disco is also quite impressive with its futuristic lights and sounds. If you want to try out your luck for the night, you can go to the onboard casino. Teens and younger adults can enjoy themselves with the onboard Video World. For fitness and relaxation, you can enjoy the MSC Aurea Spa, the fitness facilities, and the four swimming pools aboard the ship.

The biggest cabin onboard this ship is the Royal Suite which has a floor space of 51 square meters. The MSC Executive and Family Suites have similar sized but with different layouts. There are 99 suites to occupy onboard this ship, and if you want the best amenities and the finest cruising experience, you will choose these. Of course, the standard suites (with or without balconies) are still comparatively big compared to other ship cabins. The smallest cabin in the MSC Splendida is 16 square meters big. All cabins have air conditioning systems and separate bath and shower rooms.

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Ship Summary
Operator:MSC Italian Cruises
Built by:STX Europ, Saint-Nazaire, France
Date Completed:2009
Gross Tonnage:133500
Length:333.30 m
Width:37.98 m