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  Sea Princess (Princess Cruises)

Sea Princess | Princess Cruises
Sea Princess cruiser, Fort-de-France
Photograph by Greudin. License: Public Domain.  (view image details)

Sea Princess | Princess Cruises
cruise ship Sea Princess leaving Southampton harbour
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Sea Princess | Princess Cruises
Sea Princess in the Solent
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Sea Princess | Princess Cruises
cruise ship Sea Princess main deck
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With its sisters Dawn Princess and Sun Princess, the five-star Sea Princess is one of the core ships of Princess Cruises’ Grand Class fleet. The ship is constructed and decorated to give off a modern elegant feel, with features such as a central atrium furnished with a floating staircase, domed glass ceilings, and glass elevators. There are also pools, whirlpool spas, bars, gourmet restaurants, and casual dining areas. Like her sisters, the Sea Princess carries fewer passengers for a ship its size, giving those who choose to cruise in it a more spacious and luxurious feel. You can’t say you’ve cruised the high seas in style if you haven’t done so in the Sea Princess.

The Sea Princess offered 10-day Alaskan tours from May to August, the Southern Caribbean in April, and 15-day tours of Panama in between

The Sea Princess, which began operation in 1998, was built by the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri of Italy and was transferred to P&O Cruises in 2002 after nearly five years of operation. It was renamed Adonia on May 21, 2003 and was launched with its sister Oceana. Princess Anne and daughter Zara Phillips in the first double ship christening ceremony in history christened the Adonia, formerly the Sea Princess. As the Adonia, the ship became an “adults only ship” and during this period the children’s playroom was converted to a quiet lounge with relaxing massage chairs that face the panoramic windows. Also, the children’s play pool was transformed into a feng shui-inspired relaxation area. The ship returned to Princess in 2005.

May 2006 saw an outbreak of the norovirus on board, infecting 250 people, 18 of which are Sea Princess crewmembers. The ship’s itinerary was altered and was ordered to dock away from the other vessels. The Sea Princess returned to its Southampton port a day early, where it was subjected to a thorough decontamination before it sailed again.

The Sea Princess was docked in San Francisco for two weeks on September 2009 where it was refurbished and remodelled. The National Geographic Channel filmed the dry dock repairs and the Sea Princess became the subject of a World’s Toughest Fixes episode aired on June 3, 2010.

Like every Princess ship, the Sea Princess offers an exciting array of dining choices. The Traviata Dining Room offers a formal dining experience in the cruise tradition, complete with attentive personal waiters serving you every time. Anytime Dining options are also available from the Rigoletto Dining room, where passengers aren’t limited to eating at fixed times and the whims of their stomach are welcomed any time.

The Sea Princess also home to specialty restaurants that serve mouth-watering gourmet treats. Put in a reservation for the juiciest steaks at the Sterling Steakhouse, or an al fresco dining experience at the Ultimate Dining Balcony.

The Sea Princess is also the first Princess vessel to feature the 24-hour Horizon Court buffet and bistro, and also offers its passengers casual dining choices with a wine bar, a patisserie, afternoon teas, as well as a Sundaes ice cream bar with Häagen-Dazs flavours, the Café Corniche, and the Riviera Grill that cooks up wonderful burgers and hotdogs that you can wolf down by the poolside.

Nights on board the Sea Princess are never boring, with the wide variety of entertainment choices available to the passengers as soon as the sun sinks below the ocean’s horizon. There are the Princess Theatre, the Vista Show Lounge, and the Movies Under the Stars outdoor theatre, where the passengers can enjoy great acoustics, stellar Broadway and Las Vegas-style acts, and first-run feature-length movies. The Monte Carlo Club Casino, the Razzmatazz, the Premier Cru, and the Wheelhouse and Crooners Bars won’t disappoint, too.

The Riviera Pool and the Lotus Spa are equipped with two hot tubs each, as well as plenty of water space for passengers to splash around, ride the waves, or take a relaxing hot tub dip. State-of-the-art sports facilities will help the passengers to keep their bodies in tip-top shape, while ScholarShip@Sea programs will enrich their minds. There are also a wide selection of designer clothing and items from the duty-free boutiques and Future Cruise Sales.

Kids and teens will find great things to do and places to hang out on board the Sea Princess. The ship’s youth centres offer arts and crafts activities, fooseball tables, board games, jukeboxes, pizza parties, pajama nights, video arcades, and more.

There are seven types of accommodations offered.

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Ship Summary
Operator:Princess Cruises
Built by:Fincantieri, Italy
Date Completed:1998
Gross Tonnage:77499
Length:261 m
Width:32 m