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  American Pride (Childrens Maritime Foundation) - Tall Ship

American Pride | Childrens Maritime Foundation
The Schooner American Pride at the 2006 Dana Point Tall Ship Festival.
Photograph by Ohazi. License: Public Domain.  (view image details)

American Pride | Childrens Maritime Foundation
The three-masted schooner American Pride
Photograph by Port of San Diego Some rights reserved.  (view image details)


American Pride is a three-masted schooner, with distinctive terracotta coloured sails. She is based in Long Beach California and used as a sail training ship, and also offers marine science and history programs for schools. These activities range from half day trips to 5 day adventures. The schooner also sails on cruises to Catalina Island, and whale watching trips to see Gray Whales. She can also be booked for corporate events such as team-building. The ship is licensed to carry 100 passengers on day sails, and 59 on overnight trips (although there are only 38 bunks).

American Pride was built by Muller Boatworks in Brooklyn, New York in 1941.She was originally built as a two-masted fishing boat named Virginia. She spent about 40 years fishing around in the Grand Banks and George's Bank. The boat was restored in 1986, with the addition of a third mast. She was renamed Natalie Todd and sailed as a charter boat ion Maine. She was bought by the Children's Maritime Foundation in 1996 and relocated in California.

There are 32 bunks available for passengers.

Ship Summary
Operator:Childrens Maritime Foundation
Built by:Muller Boatworks, Brooklyn, New York
Date Completed:1941
Gross Tonnage:200
Length:deck 31 m, overall 40 m
Width:7 m