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  Kapitan Khlebnikov

Kapitan Khlebnikov |
Icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov, Quark Expeditions Antarctic cruise
Photograph by Ian Duffy. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

Kapitan Khlebnikov |
Quark Expeditions Icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov, on Antarctica cruise to Snow Hill Island
Photograph by Ian Duffy. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

Kapitan Khlebnikov |
Icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov and penguins in the Ross Sea, Antarctica.
Photograph by Mila Zinkova. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)


The Kapitan Khlebnikov is an icebreaker that can be operated from both the main bridge and an auxiliary bridge towards the rear of the ship, allowing her to break ice both forwards and backwards. She can break through ice 1.5m thick at a speed of 1 knot (1.8kmh), and can break through ice 3m thick by repeated ramming. The hull is a massive 45cm thick where it meets the ice. She also has an air bubbling system to help ice breaking. Pressurised air can be forced under the ice to help with ice breaking. A cruise on an icebreaker is an amazing experience for passengers as they stand on the bow watching the ship crash through the ice. The Khlebnikov sails in both Antarctic and Arctic waters. The ship has great viewing areas from the large open decks and the ten-storey high navigation bridge. Passengers are welcome almost everywhere on the ship, including the bow and stern. The Kapitan Khlebnikov carries helicopters for passenger excursions and has a fleet of Zodiacs for cruising and beach landings.

Kapitan Khlebnikov cruises to the Antarctic including Snow Hill Island, South Georgia, the Phantom Coast and the Ross Sea.

The Kapitan Khlebnikov was completed in Finland in 1981, and is one of five Kapitan Sorokin class icebreakers. She was refitted in 1990 as a cruise ship, and was the first tour ship to carry passengers round Antarctica in 1996-97. In February 2006, she equalled the record set by Roald Amundsen in 1911 by reaching the Bay of Whales in the Antarctic.

The ship has two dining rooms, a lounge and bar. Facilities include a heated indoor swimming pool, exercise room, sauna, theatre-style auditorium, small library with collection of polar-themed books, shop. The ship is manned by a highly experienced knowledgeable crew and expedition staff, including the expedition leader, naturalists and lecturers. Kapitan Khlebnikov carries a fleet of Zodiac landing craft for shuttling passengers from ship to land. Onboard helicopters allow passengers to make flights and excursions to the interior of the continent.

There are 54 cabins and suites altogether. The types of accommodation on offer are triple cabins (same as twin with extra pull down bed), twin cabins, suite, corner suite

Ship Summary
Built by:Wärtsilä, Helsinki, Finland
Date Completed:1981
Length:132 m
Width:27.75 m