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  Saga Pearl II (Saga Cruises)

Saga Pearl II | Saga Cruises
Saga Pearl II (ex. Astoria, ex. Arkona, ex. Astor), Rostock-Warnemünde, 2010
Photograph by ArminLietz. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

Saga Pearl II | Saga Cruises
Cruise Ship Astoria, Kieler Hafen.
Photograph by VollwertBIT. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

Saga Pearl II | Saga Cruises
Cruise Ship Astoria from the North Sea coast, Germany
Photograph by Hannes Grobe. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

Saga Pearl II | Saga Cruises
Astoria in Kiel, 2007.
Photograph by VollwertBIT. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)


The design of the Saga Pearl II leans more to the traditional cruise ships as it was constructed in the early 1980s. However, when it was sold to the Saga Cruises in 2010, it underwent improvements. Today, the Saga Pearl II offers affordable but comfortable cruises as the mid-sized cruise ship traverses the globe. Ship features include spacious sun decks and amenities you would usually find in big, elegant vessels. The cruises itself allow passengers to choose their own onshore excursions, so travelling with the Saga Pearl II can never be a boring experience—not when you get to choose what activities to take part in during your trip.

The Saga Pearl II was formerly known as the Astoria. Before joining Saga Cruises, the vessel was operated by the Transocean Cruises until it was sold to the Saga Cruises company in 2010. Its name was then changed to the Saga Pearl II. Former companies which owned the vessel in its 30 years of existence included the Safmarine and the Hadag Cruise Line. It was originally ordered by the Hadag Cruise line in 1980, completed in 1981 by Howaldtswerke-Deutch Werft in Kiel, Germany. The ship will be renamed MV Quest for Adventure in May 2012, cruising for Saga Cruises' Discovery-style Adventure Cruises.

There are two dining areas onboard the Saga Pearl II. You can choose between the Dining Room and the Verandah. The former offers an open-seating waiter-serviced dining experience. The Verandah is more informal, with its buffet set-up. The meals onboard the Saga Pearl II are laudable, as is expected from a vessel operating under the Saga Cruises brand name. You can also enjoy drinks at the Sundowner Bar.

The Saga Pearl II has a spa facility, a library, a discovery lounge, and a bar. It’s a cruise ship that’s designed to entertain adults.. This also caters to passengers who prefer quiet, leisurely travels. The focus is on relaxation and long, leisurely travels. The cruise offers onshore excursions as well.

All cabins inside the Saga Pearl II are air conditions, luxuriously furnished, and have lower berths. The differences in the rates may be because of the floor areas, existence of private balconies and dining areas, and the choice between windows and port holes. You can choose from indoor and outdoor standard rooms, indoor and outdoor single rooms, deluxe cabins, and suites. The suites are the most impressive. They have their own private balconies and are the most spacious cabins onboard the Saga Pearl II.

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Ship Summary
Operator:Saga Cruises
Built by:Howaltswerke Deutsche Werft, Kiel
Date Completed:1981
Gross Tonnage:18591
Length:164.3 m
Width:22.6 m