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  Saga Ruby (Saga Cruises)

Saga Ruby | Saga Cruises
MS Saga Ruby in Montreal Old Port.
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Among the ships of the Saga Cruises, the Saga Ruby is the most similar to its sister vessel the Saga Rose. While not completely identical, you can barely tell them apart when viewed from afar. The Saga Cruises is lauded for its newly refitted spa, excellent fitness and entertainment amenities, and access to books as well as Internet information onboard. It was in built in 1973 and is a fairly seasoned vessel but Saga Cruises made sure that the Saga Ruby doesnít fall short of the passengerís expectations. This is an all-adult cruise ship.

During the winter months, all Sage cruise ships including the Saga Ruby go on a world tour. In the Spring, their cruises are concentrated in France and the Mediterranean.

The Saga Ruby is currently owned by Saga Cruises but it has a long history. It was originally ordered by the Norwegian American Line, and was named M/S Vistafjord. It was built in 1973 by Swan Hunter Shipbuilders in the United Kingdom and was considered one of the most luxurious cruise ships at that time. In 1983, the ship was sold to Cunard Line and its flagship changed from Norwegian to the Bahamas. The shipís crew remained largely Norwegian, though. It wasnít until December 1999 that Cunard Line decided to rename the ship M/S Caronia. In 2004, the ship was once again sold to Saga Cruises, and renamed as Saga Ruby in 2005.

The Saga Ruby has a main dining room which can accommodate all passengers. The seats are assigned, though. If you want specialty dishes, eat at the View. You need to reserve seats, though, but meals here donít come with additional charges. The Lido Cafť offers the only casual dining experience in the ship. This is a buffet restaurant thatís open for midnight dinners, breakfast and lunch.

The Saga Ruby has a ballroom, a theatre, a library, and a computer centre where you can access the Internet. A library is also available in one of the lounges. If any of the passengers wishes to relax, they can book for services from the Spa Aquarius. Thereís also the South Cape Bar for late night socializing and cosmopolitan drinks.

Even the smallest cabins of this ship are generally more spacious compared to their competitors. They all offer big storage spaces, vanity desks, a DVD player, and a flat screen TV. However, not all cabins have separate baths. There are two duplex suites with a private sauna, two balconies, a whirlpool tub and an outdoor hot tub, and exercise equipment. You can also choose a smaller stateroom, or request for special cabins which can be accessed by wheelchairs.

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Ship Summary
Operator:Saga Cruises
Built by:Swan Hunter Shipbuilders, United Kingdom
Date Completed:1973
Gross Tonnage:24492
Length:191 m
Width:25 m