Star Cruises: Cruising the Far East

Since 1996, Star Cruises has been garnering awards for its excellent cruises throughout Asia. It is the third largest cruising company in the world today, with its European partner, the Norwegian Cruise Lines. Star Cruises, which currently cruises through Malaysia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan, owns four mega cruisers that transport passengers from one port to the next. These vessels are floating resorts in their own right, catering to the cruising needs of both adults and children. Onboard, the mood is always kept casual and lively. 

Star Cruises Fleet and Facilities

All year round, the most beautiful ports of Asia are always visited by the Star Cruises fleet. The biggest vessel of this Hong Kong-based cruising company is the Superstar Virgo which can carry 1960 passengers and 1100 crew members. There are 980 cabins onboard and luxury facilities that would make you wonder if the mega-cruiser isn’t a small floating town. The restaurant and recreational line up caters to families, so there’s no pretentiousness among passengers while they’re onboard. The furnishings of the ship are still very elegant, though.

While the ship certainly encourages partying with its nightclub and karaoke facilities, it also has a lot of amenities for those who love their healthy lifestyles. There’s a jogging track onboard, a gym, an Olympic-sized pool, and a spa and sauna. For ladies who would like to dress up for evening cocktails, there’s also a hair salon installed.

Children will never be board while they’re on the SuperStar Virgo. They can visit the Galaxy of the Stars, the cinema, the Oasis room for games, and many more. The ship also has a child care facility center just in case parents would like some time off to themselves. The ship’s daycare has expert staff who can keep children entertained with a line-up of educational programs.

There is also a variety of cabins to choose from. Both the staterooms and the smaller suites have balcony and window options. The beddings and furnishings are also very elegant, and all cabins are equipped with their own entertainment systems. While the other vessels, the SuperStar Libra, SuperStar Aquarious, and SuperStar Pisces are a bit smaller than this mega-cruiser, they have similar facilities onboard. With the resort-style amenities, it’s a wonder how passengers would even want the ships to dock.  Still, the Star Cruises’ main attractions are their destinations.

Asia Cruise Destinations

You would want to sign up on a cruise with the Star Cruises if you want to get to know Malaysia better. There are other cruise lines which offer “exotic” trips to the Mekong River, but none of the cruise lines actually have itineraries in Malaysia. The Star Cruises has a terminal in Langkawi, which is very convenient because makes stops at Malaysia’s most significant cities. Aside from the Kuala Lumpur, whose speedy development seems to be garnering a lot of attention these days, the Star Cruises also go to Malacca, Langkawi, Penang, and Redang Island.

While the cruise line also goes to specific spots in Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan, their itineraries aren’t as varied as their Malaysia line-up. Perhaps the cruise line will explore these destinations more in the future. Still, Genting Hong Kong-owned Star Cruises stays on top of the cruising charts in Asia. It has the biggest four-star, family-oriented vessels. They also offer rare 1-day cruises for those who are traveling on a budget. The longest cruises run for about 21 nights.

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