SeaDream Yacht Club: Intimate Yachting

SeaDream Yacht Club offers intimate yachting at its finest, with quality service. They are proud of their vessels and prouder still of the amenities they’re able to afford passengers. Among them are the onboard casino (usually only available in mega cruises), open seated dining, the spa, and excellent suites. They cater to families and corporations who would like to take advantage of the yacht line’s free flowing itinerary. They are also popular with honeymooners because of their romantic destinations.

One-on-one service and excellent amenities

SeaDream Yacht Club ensures that they give the best service with a one to one ratio between guests and crew members. While the itinerary basically states “anything goes”, passengers are always pampered. Even after a trip on  Zodiacs, passengers can come back aboard in style with champagne waiting for them from a surf bar. This yacht lifestyle seems to attract young professionals who like the upbeat itineraries offered by the cruise line.

Honeymooners can request for breakfast trays to be brought up to their room. The menu is also pretty much tailored to meet the needs and desires of the passengers. Apparently, there’s no strict a la carte or buffet line up for the day, unless of course the guests themselves asked for it.

The yacht line currently operates two identical vessels, both of them with spacious suites, and a guest capacity of no more than 110 people. While the suites don’t have private balconies, the guests don’t seem to mind. The outdoor viewing decks are very spacious, giving the passengers the opportunity to socialize as they unwind.

The favorite spot in the yacht is the top deck, though, which has its own bar. Passengers can enjoy excellent cocktails here while admiring the view of the ocean. Ladies can also dress up during cocktail hour, despite the unwritten “strictly casual” rule onboard.

Twin Yacht Destinations

The yachting experience with SeaDream Yacht Club runs for about 7 nights, which is perfect for those who are short on free time. There seems to be no debate about which of the two SeaDeam yachts is better because they’re visually exactly the same, save for the years they were made.

SeaDream I was built in 1984, and SeaDream II in 1985. Both vessels underwent heavy refurbishing in January and April 2002. The company even went on to explain that the reason why there are no balconies on its suites is because the ships were built before private balconies became a trend.

The yachts cruise to a range of destinations including the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and occasionally, the fjords of Norway and the waterways of Northern Europe. They also have cruise options to the Baltic Sea.

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