Lindblad Expeditions: Cruise line for Ecotourism

Other cruise lines offer luxury accommodations, trips to the most exotic places in the world, fine wine and fine dining, the glitz and the glamour. If you’re this type of traveler, then the Lindblad Expedition’s line of cruises might be too much for you. They cruise line has been operating for quite some time now, and they’re known for their edgy, adventurous and sustainable itineraries. In other words, you need to be curious and environmentally responsible if you want to travel with this crew.

National Geographic Partnership and Exciting Destinations

As if the name it’s made for itself isn’t enough, Lindblad Expeditions also partnered up with National Geographic. Now, they’re nosing their cruise ships into ports yet to be explored by other cruise lines. The size of their vessels work to the cruise line’s advantage. This allows them to explore difficult areas in the Antartica, Alaska, Central America, Baja, and the Galapagos.

Aside from providing access to these far-flung regions, they cruises are also designed to encourage passengers to actively participate. When you sign up for the Lindblad Expeditions, you don’t just sit around and listen to lectures about the pretty sceneries you’re passing by. You’re actually made to interact with some of the wildlife, learn about how you can contribute to keep these species safe, and observe animal life as they happen, right before your eyes, as if you’re just watching a documentary on TV.

When you get back you the cruise ship, naturalist experts from the National Geographic will talk about the flora and the fauna further. If you’ve observed something during the land tour and would want to ask about it, you can freely fire away and these experts will help you understand wildlife better. The cruise line also offers kayaks and zodiacs for expeditions in smaller bodies of water. You’ll be guided by explorers who know how to maneuver these boats through rough fjords and other bodies of water.

All-inclusive packages  (except alcohol)

While it’s not known for its fitness centers, great music and fine dining, the Lindblad Expeditions are famous for providing adventurous travelers with a once in a lifetime experience. If you’re worried about hidden expenses, you really don’t have to. These expeditions cover smaller boat transfers and land transfers. The only thing you’ll have to spend your money on during the trip are alcoholic drinks.

To say that the Lindblad Expeditions abandoned more traditional destinations for out-of-the-box ones is wrong. The cruise line also sets sail to the Caribbean, the British Isles, and the Mediterranean. These expeditions, though, are focused on exploration, learning and eco-friendly tourism. If you’re expecting a luxury trip to the Caribbean with free massages and bottomless glasses of martinis, this isn’t the cruise line for you.

Cruises to the Caribbean with the Lindblad would focus more on learning about the wildlife and culture of the area. You won’t be given a trip to the spa to sample beauty treatments native in the area.

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