Hawaii Cruises: Fun and Sun

Hawaii is the only US state that’s composed solely of islands. It is famous for its tropical attractions and its amazing beauty. Despite being an American state, Hawaii has many attractions that’s solely its own. Although it may seem as if the many destinations of Hawaii have very few things to offer, you’d be surprised how unique and varying the sights you can see here are. Hawaii is truly an amazing tourist destination and it is through a cruise that you can fully enjoy what it can offer.

A Hawaii cruise is mightily convenient. Hawaii, after all, is composed of several islands. On a cruise, you wouldn’t have a hard time exploring these islands—since you’re on a ship that will take you to the key spots of these destinations. However, a cruise may not provide you with the ample time to explore each island thoroughly.

Travel itinerary

Here are some of the locations your cruise might allow you to explore:

  • Honolulu: this city offers the traditional Hawaiian charm, one that any traveler should not miss. From the surfing beaches to the luaus to the hula shows, Honolulu is classic Hawaii, a true demonstration of what the state can truly offer.
  • Kona. This city offers the renowned Parker Ranch. Visitors should also check out the Kona-grown coffee, one of the trademarks of this spot.
  • Nawiliwili Kauai. This spot is famous for its canyons and cliffs. The Na Pali Coast and the Lipu Falls are among the more renowned spots in this area. The lush greeneries of Nawiliwili Kauai is also a sight to behold. Tourists here often take a trek at perimeters of the Kipu Falls.
  • Lahaina. This area has amazing beaches and historic attractions such as the Lahaina Town and the Haleakala Crater and Iao Valley.


Because Hawaii cruises are popular, cruise lines often have pick up points in various parts of the world (from Europe to Asia). Of course, travelers can board the ship from Honolulu, the usual departure area of this cruise. Typically, Hawaii cruises last for about a week; the area of the state isn’t that big, after all. However, some cruises that offer extensive tours of each and every major Hawaiian island may last for two weeks.

Those who go on Hawaiian cruises usually take the time to enjoy the numerous beaches of the state. However, you may also want to try to do a trek in the various spots of the state in order to have a closer look of the country.

Of course, since you’re already in Hawaii, it may be a good idea to have a little rest and relaxation aboard the ship. Enjoy the tropical atmosphere while lounging on the cruise as you take in the marvelous sights of the city. This is perhaps one of the best things you can do in a Hawaiian cruise.

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