Great Lakes Cruise Company: Rejuvenating Trips through Placid Waters

In stark contrast to sea cruises, lake cruises offer a more serene experience. The waterways that separate the US and Canada bear some of the world’s most promising nature vistas. Paired with luxurious amenities and top-of-the-line small cruise service, the Great Lakes Cruise Company gives its passengers lake vacations they can’t have anywhere else.

Great things in Small Packages

The Great Lakes Cruise Company doesn’t offer any excuses for its small ships because they’re designed specifically for shallow waters and intricate nooks and crannies which can’t be accessed by bigger ships. The cruise line has five operating ships. The Grand Mariner, the Niagara Prince and the Grand Caribe offer adventurous itineraries, traversing the Great Lakes’ most narrow channels and shallow waters.

The ambiance in these ships is comfortable and casual. The cruise ships only carry 100 passengers, at most, and you can dine in your walking shorts because these are very unpretentious cruise ships. You’ll get to visit remote ports as opposed to tourist traps which other cruise lines might take you to. On board, lecturers and experts also talk about the lake’s history, marine life, and other interesting trivia about the scenery you’re passing by. These cruises are ideal for retired individuals who would like to relax and just be themselves.

The Canadian Empress is an even smaller vessel carrying only 66 passengers at a time. The Empress runs on steam and could navigate shallow drafts and lake locks which can’t be accessed by bigger ships. The ambiance is also very casual and comfortable here, and the cruises allow passengers to get up close and personal with the wild flora and fauna surrounding them.

The biggest vessel owned by the Great Lakes Company is the MV Columbus which has 134 window or outside cabins, eight suites overlooking the scenery, 63 windowless cabins, a large restaurant, an outdoor garden bar, a library, a bar in the pool area, a boutique, a salon, a photo laboratory and a fitness center. Despite the size of the MV Columbus, the ship still has a cozy, casual ambiance. The bigger suites here would suite the palates of travelers who expect upscale accommodations.

The cabins, suites, and most of the facilities are non-smoking areas. The garden bar is the only place where passengers can smoke if they prefer. The itinerary during the cruises with the Columbus is ideal for families, and just like the smaller ships of the Great Lakes Cruise Company, the Columbus also have experts onboard who can brief you about the scenery as you pass by.

Exciting Routes and Destinations

 The Great Lakes Cruise Companies offer the most exciting passages to the most beautiful bodies of water in Canada and the USA. The Canadian Empress offers expeditions to Kingston, Montreal, and Quebec, with cruises ranging from two to six nights.

The Nigerian Prince, on the other hand, explores Lake Michigan and other great bodies of water across the USA. Cruises with this ship run for eight nights. The Grand Mariner offers two-week cruises exploring American waterways, Ontario’s Georgian Bay, and the islands between New York and Toronto. The Grand Caribe probably has the most exciting itinerary with 14-night cruises through Erie Canal and Saguenay.

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