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Viking River Cruises: Amongst the Best in River Cruising

Viking River Cruises is among the highest rated river cruising companies .  This is partly due to its fleet of Scandinavian-designed cruise vessels with airy interiors, all opening out to the view of the river. Of course, there’s also the fact that Viking River Cruises has been around for years. Their destination line-up is hard to beat, traversing the most scenic rivers of Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, China, and Egypt.

Comfort and Elegance

Victoria Cruises: Legendary Yangtze River Cruises

If there’s a cruise line that has totally dominated China’s Yangtze River, it’s Victoria Cruises. They currently own seven five-star vessels which tour passengers through the most important spots along the legendary river. For those who grew up in the city, the Yangtze would seem like a scene from a fairytale. As one of the most well-preserved natural wonders of the world, it still ekes of old dynasties and ages when poetry and philosophy ruled the land.

Yangtze Pride

Uniworld River Cruises: River Cruising for Young Travelers

While it’s certainly not the first in its field to try out river cruising, the Uniworld River Cruises do have the most number of destinations. They’re also one of the few river cruise lines to design itineraries specifically for young travelers. Most river cruises are marketed for retirees who prefer quiet afternoons to lively night events. This line offers more than 40 itineraries which would surely please young professionals on a break.

Luxury cruising on a budget

Swan Hellenic Cruises: Small Ship Cruising

For well over 50 years, Swan Hellenic Cruises has been providing a classy small ship cruising experience to the discerning traveler and the crème de la crème of society. Other cruise lines have tried to match their ability to mix intimate and comfortable cruising with so much class, but experience does have its perks. With its sea-sailing M/V Minerva and A Rosa river cruising fleet of vessels, the cruise line remains a favorite of travelers. Their guest ratings are impressive.

Tailor-made cruises

Summit Clipper Vacations: Grandest North American Cruise Destinations

Summit Clipper Vacations offers some of the best river cruising around prime locations in the USA and Canada. Visit the best spots in Seattle, Victoria, San Juan Islands, Whistler, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Portland, WA State and Canada. These tours attract both nature lovers and those who would simply want to sink their teeth into local culture and history.

 Summit Clipper Water tours

 While the inland attractions in most of these cities are places you simply mustn’t be missed out on, neither should you pass up the opportunity to explore the city’s waterscape through Summit Clipper Vacations. If you’re bringing your whole family to Victoria, the Orca Whale watching water cruise should be in your itinerary.

Avalon Waterways: Cruises Detailed to Perfection

 As a traveler, you’ll just sense it when the crew you’re sailing with takes care to painfully make every detail of your travel perfect. Avalon Waterways does just that with their impressive itinerary and their ships’ top-of-the-line designs. Their recent partnerships with GLOBUS seemed to have done its magic. They have 120 cruise packages right now, all designed to fit very specific traveler needs.

Avalon Understands Diversity

AMA Waterways: River Cruises with Style

 Most of the towns and cities around the world grew from smaller civilizations who took advantage of whatever life the river had to offer. This is why one of the most exciting cruise types in the world is a river cruise. Aside from the topnotch facilities of the cruise ship and the unprecedented service of its staff, travelers also get intimate with history and culture.

Stylish cruising

Experience Paris Through a Seine River Cruise

 The Seine River is one of the most iconic bodies of water in France. Considered to be one of the major commercial waterways not just in Paris but within the regions of the country as well, it is known by tourists due to its spectacular beauty. And since the river mainly passes through the city of Paris, cruising along the Seine River is like cruising along the iconic city itself. This is why Seine River Cruises are quite popular.

Attractions and travel itineraries

Rhone River Cruises: A Spectacular European Cruise

Rhone River is considered to be one of Europe’s major rivers. The river runs through major cities of Switzerland and France. This makes Rhone River cruises among the most idyllic and the most spectacular among the European cruises running today. Of course, Europe is more than two countries. But the cities along the Rhone River are representatives of what Europe is all about.

Travel itineraries

The travel itinerary of a Rhone River cruise basically depends on its focus. Most Rhone River cruises, however, focus on the South of France and, specifically, the city of Provence. This specific cruise is meant of travelers who want to visit the vine-growing cities of France.

European Waterways – your luxury barge cruise

European Waterways lets you experience hotel barging with its fleet of luxury barges traversing along the waterways of Scotland, France, England, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The European Waterways Barge Fleet

There are 21 luxuriously appointed barges which boasts of state-of-the art furnishing and world-class amenities.  Each barge has the modern facilities yet maintains its cozy and rustic ambience with its antique and traditional furniture and decor.  Every barge differs in passenger capacity.  The smallest barge can accommodate up to four persons while the largest can fit in up to 20 persons.  It does not matter how many passengers there are.  All barges come with a complete English speaking crew which even includes an seasoned tour guide.  European Waterways offers many different types of cruises, each tailored to the particular needs of the passengers.