Black Sea Cruises: A Hidden Wonder

Cruises to the Black Sea has often been regarded as a well-kept secret. In fact, many of those who have been there would rather keep Black Sea cruises as a secret, far from the hands of commercialism. Unlike the Mediterranean Sea, which has been somewhat tarnished because of its popularity among tourists, the Black Sea remains to be pure and simple—basically what a vacation destination should be.  Definitely, this is a cruise that’s worth taking.

Destination itinerary

The Black Sea is actually an inland sea. Basically, this means that it is bounded by land. This particularly sea covers the central area of countries such as Russia, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. A number of  important countries lie along the Black Sea’s coasts.

All of these only add up to one thing: as a cruise option, a Black Sea cruise can offer a wealth of choices when it comes to destinations.

One of the major itinerary choices in a Black Sea cruise is the city of Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city. The city is best known for being a go-between for Asia and Europe, due to its precocious location. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known by the name of the Blue Mosque, and the Hagia Sophia museum are among the major tourist attractions of the city.

A trek to Greece is also a popular itinerary for Black Sea Cruises—particularly the city of Athens.

Activity expectations

In general, however, the Black Sea remains to be connected to the famed Mediterranean Sea, so a lot of the onboard activities in the cruise are a bit Mediterranean-themes.

Some of the said activities include:

  • Swimming at the onboard pool while enjoying the majestic scenery of the Black Sea cruise.
  • Onboard golfing. Most major Black Sea cruises have golf courses; many golfers find the thrill of playing this amazing sport while in the presence of one of the four seas named after a color.
  • Dining at Mediterranean-theme restaurants onboard the ship. Many researchers and food experts actually dispute the category Mediterranean cuisine. But regardless whether or not it truly exists as an independent culinary category is immaterial. Mediterranean food is, without a doubt, heavenly, thanks to its acclaimed flexibility and its use of wide use garlic and olive oil. Grilled meat and hummus are among the more popular forms of food in this area as well.

Travel specifics

A Black Sea cruise usually lasts for one to two weeks, depending on the scope of the travel itinerary. There aren’t too many Black Sea cruises in existence, to be honest; after all, it’s an inland sea and its scope is rather limited—but never boring. Departure area depends on the origin of the cruise; for instance, in the United Kingdom, a number of cruises depart from Southampton. Other passengers can go onboard from any of the port stopovers of the cruise.

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