American Cruise Lines: Home Away From Home

 One of the perks of small boat cruises is the mood. Things are generally more relaxed here compared to bigger cruises. Travelers can dine in shorts without worrying about stiff dress codes. There are also less than 120 passengers on the ship, so friendships forming between passengers is a greater possibility.

Meals, on the other hand, are as luxurious as in big cruises. First-class dinner is always matched with fine wine. American Cruise Lines designed their small boat river cruises so that it could bring back the comfort and intimacy of home without ever sacrificing luxury in the process. 

Beyond Glitz

While cruise lines with bigger vessels worry about the glitz, the American Cruise Lines go farther. It promises a cruise experience that’s unique to the route. For every destination, they have activities in-keeping with the character of the area. The staff streamlines everything—from the live performances to the daytime games—and makes sure that the ambiance is always in tune with the destination’s culture.

The American Cruise Lines also forgoes the casino culture of mega cruises. Instead, travelers are offered the opportunity to relax between stops. There are open decks for those who would like to get some fresh air, as well as glassed-in lounges for passengers who would like to observe the scenery indoors. The ship has a library which passengers can use to look up the flora and fauna they come across during the cruise. The itinerary includes lectures held by experts on the history, culture, and wildlife of each destination.

American Cruise Lines Destinations

The fleet destinations are also unique. Since the American Cruise Lines vessels are significantly smaller, they can explore the river passages which couldn’t be accessed by bigger cruise ships. The lines currently have six vessels, each exploring the Chesapeake Bay, the New England Island, the Historic Antebellum South, the Hudson River, the Marine Coast and Harbors, the East Coast Inland Passage, and the Mid-Atlantic Inland Passage.

Five vessels operate under the line with the smallest one carrying only 49 passengers. Standard amenities for all ships include spacious staterooms, an entertainment system for all cabins, and private balconies for more than 80% of all the rooms. Hair dryers are installed in the staterooms, and while the ship may look minimalistic from the outside, all rooms are luxuriously furnished.  

Dining is always a scenic experience with the American Cruise Lines. Each ship has a big dining lounge enclosed by glass. Aside from the dining area, there are also four glass-enclosed indoor observation lounges. These open to spacious outdoor decks which allow you to appreciate the scenery up close. Inside the ship, high-end elevators transport passengers to four levels of viewing decks.

Depending on their preferences, passengers can sign up for 6-, 7- and 14-day cruises. These itinerary options are available to all southern port destinations.

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