AMA Waterways: River Cruises with Style

 Most of the towns and cities around the world grew from smaller civilizations who took advantage of whatever life the river had to offer. This is why one of the most exciting cruise types in the world is a river cruise. Aside from the topnotch facilities of the cruise ship and the unprecedented service of its staff, travelers also get intimate with history and culture.

Stylish cruising

There’s something about AMA Waterways that makes it special.  While it’s certainly not the only line offering cruises along the world’s most beautiful rivers, they’ve managed to consistently top the charts. They won the “Reader’s Choice Award” in 2009 at the Porthole Cruise Magazine. The ones who voted for them were savvy travelers who wanted to know more about the world, but do it with style.

All vessels of the AMA Waterways have top-of-the-line amenities. The most basic cabins are pretty big, with an area of 170-square-foot, while they have even more spacious junior suites spanning 255-square foot each. The trimmings are also quite lovely, with French balconies on more than 82% of the rooms, and only the most intricate beddings and duvets.

Inside the suites, you’ll see an “Infotainment System” which includes a flat screen television and a WiFi access. The bathrooms of each suite are impressively designed with marble floors, and there’s a terry robe and a pair of slippers for each booked guest so there’s a clear emphasis on relaxation.

The cruise ship restaurant also serves gourmet food for more delicate palates. To make their guests feel welcome, they’ve also thrown in a complimentary bottle of wine for these meals as well as specialty coffees. While the bathrooms in the suite may have spa-like amenities, the line doesn’t stop there. Each cruise ship also has its own beauty salon, spa, and fitness center. Unlike other educational tours which make you feel tired all the time, the pace of AMA Waterway’s activities is pretty easy. There’s always room, in between stops, to pamper the guests.

Fleet Destinations

The AMA Waterways offers cruises throughout Europe, Russia, and the Mekong River in Southeast Asia. Its European cruises offer travelers an easier way to explore the continent’s oldest castles. The trips are intimate, allowing guests to feel as if they’re right in the middle of the action while they’re learning the history of the place. The route is also pretty scenic so travelers can take photos while they’re on the ship.

Russia is also filled with historical waterways which have shaped its culture through the years. The route explores Moscow, Russia’s busiest city, as well as the charming cities of Yaroslavl, Kostroma and Ulgich. You’ll also be cruising through Russia’s biggest lakes, the Ladoga and the Onega, as you make your way to St. Petersburgh.

The fleet’s newest destination is the Mekon River which explores the history of civilizations in China. You’ll be seeing the Yunnan Province up close through this cruise, as you visit ancient and well-preserved temples, explore old trade routes, and discover vestiges of old China and its influence on its neighbors, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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