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  Astrid - Tall Ship

Astrid |
tall ship Astrid under sail
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Astrid |
Three tallships, Astrid, Johann Smidt and Etoile at Bryggen, Bergen 2008
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Astrid |
Brig Astrid at Kiel Week 2008
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The Astrid is a two-masted square rigged brig with sail area of around 450 square metres. She carries 65 people on day trips and 24 on longer voyages. The ship has cabin accommodation for 24. Sail training is offered to trainees over 15 years old, and no previous experience is necessary to take part. The professional crew teach the participants the skills required to help out onboard. On tall ships races, the participants are divided into three watches. There are two deck houses on the vessel, with a bar in the front deckhouse, and the other used mainly for storage. The language onboard is English.

Astrid is based in Harlingen in the Netherlands. She has competed in many tall ships races.

The Astrid was built in 1918 in the Netherlands and worked as a freight ship and fishing boat. The ship was refurbished in 1970 and used as a sail training ship. Astrid was restored during 1999 and 2000 into a more comfortable tall ship, with 12 cabins, saloon and bar. It is now used for sail training, sail holidays and corporate sailing events.

The vessel has twelve double cabins, with communal showers and toilets.

Ship Summary
Date Completed:1918
Length:41.65 m
Width:6.48 m