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  Polar Pioneer (Aurora Expeditions)

Polar Pioneer | Aurora Expeditions
Polar Pioneer
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The Polar Pioneer has an ice-strengthened hull for sailing polar waters. With its strength, maneuverability and small number of cabins it is an ideal ship for a polar cruise. All cabins have outside portholes and good storage space. The ship has an experienced Russian captain and crew with extensive experience in navigation the icy waters.

Polar Pioneer cruises include Arctic and Norway cruise taking in Greenland and Iceland and circumnavigation of Spitsbergen. Optional Scandinavian extensions are available. On the other side of the globe, Polar Pioneer cruises Antarctica departing from Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula, Falklands, South Georgia, Weddell Sea. She also cruises to the Antarctic departing from Australia and New Zealand.

Polar Pioneer was built originally as an ice-strengthened research ship in Finland in 1985. She sailed in the northern waters of the USSR for many. She was refurbished in 2000 to provide comfortable passenger accommodation for cruising.

The Polar Pioneer has a combined bar, lounge and library area for relaxation, with a good collection of polar books. The bridge is open to passengers, and decks are great for viewing and photography. The European chefs and Russian stewardesses serve up wholesome uncomplicated meals. It is not a luxury ship by any means, but accommodation is simple and comfortable. Polar Pioneer is a popular choice for travel to the Polar regions. A small fleet of inflatable Zodiacs with outboard motors is used to transfer passengers to the shore. There is also a sauna, laundry service, medical clinic staffed by a doctor, dining area, and lecture room.

Polar Pioneer has 29 cabins altogether. There are two triple cabins, each with two lower bunks and one upper bunk. There are 12 twin public cabins, and 12 twin private cabins. For those who want more space and luxury, there are 2 mini suites and the Captain's Suite.

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Ship Summary
Operator:Aurora Expeditions
Built by:Finland
Date Completed:1985
Length:71.6 m
Width:12.8 m
Decks:3 passenger