Yangtze River Cruise to Chongqing, Three Gorges

The largest river in China at 6,300 kilometres in length and known to the Chinese as Chang Jiang or Long River, the Yangtze travels from the snow covered Qinghai-Tibet Plateau all the way to the East China Sea.

There are Yangtze river cruise ships suitable for every kind of budget from the local one and two star operators to the five star international luxury names.  There are three different cruise options, a 3 to 4 day cruise between Chongging and Yichang, probably the most popular, a 4 to 5 day option finishing at Wuchan or a 7 to 9 day option finishing at Shanghai.

Sample Cruise Itinerary

Day 1.

Board your cruise ship at Chongqing and enjoy a full day cruising.

Day 2. The Three Gorges

Today you will experience both natural beauty and a great feat of engineering.  The scenery is stunning passing through areas such as Wu Shan or witch mountains as well as passing through Gezhou Dam, the first built on the Yangtze and Xiling Gorge before finally arriving at the Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric power project.  The Dam is 7,600ft-long (2,300m) and is used not only to generate power but to prevent flooding too, there is an option to take an excursion to view the dam from above and see a very different perspective to that which you get from the river itself.  Later in the day set sail through the five stage ship lock which makes this dam famous.

Day 3. Wu and Qutang Gorges

Today guests travel through two of the most beautiful parts of the Yangtze.  The Qutang Gorge is just 8 kilometres long, but is considered by many visitors to be the most dramatic as it travels through sheer, steep cliffs.

At its narrowest point the river is only 100-200 meters wide with the peaks at each side rising to 1,000-1,500 meters above. The water is turbulent here rolling and crashing through the rock gate that towers over the water.

Wu Gorge zig zags through magnificent peaks covered with mist.  At times your boat appears to be heading straight towards the mountains but with a sharp turn you are once again sailing towards lush green vegetation.

Day 4. Fengdu

Fengdu or ‘Ghost City’ is said to be home to the immortals of the underworld, so don’t get left behind when you take a visit to one of the ancient shrines or temples.  The water levels here can be unpredictable with the rising and falling water of the Three Gorges Dam so it is not always possible to reach Fengdu although an alternative stop will be offered.

Day 5. Chongqing

Arrive in Chongqing this morning and disembark your ship after breakfast.

Yangtze River cruises in this region of China give guests an opportunity to see some stunning scenery in just a few short days, or longer if you prefer and a must for those looking for a for relaxation and recuperation on a longer journey through the country.

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