Windstar Cruises: Sailing With Class and Comfort

Operating with three vessels, Windstar Cruises has given its passengers two very vital things during the cruise: class and comfort. The cruise line has yacht-sized vessels with all the finest amenities any luxury traveler could ask for. They’re also quite known for their excellent first class meals, relaxed itinerary, and attractive destinations.

Sailboats or Cruise Ships with Masts?

Passengers often ask whether the vessels of  Windstar Cruises are yacht-sized sailboats or regular cruise ships with huge sail masts. The sails are definitely functional, although these ships only run solely on wind power when sea conditions are ideal. If you’re cruising the seas on a windy but clear day, you’re most likely to enjoy the peacefulness of old fashioned sailing.

Windstar Cruises also offer the following basic amenities on all of its vessels: all-balcony suites and staterooms, onboard saltwater pools, a yacht club or a library, casual dining and seating arrangements, spa treatments, free cruise-platform water sports and a top-notch media system inside its cabins. There is also a fitness room and a sauna inside each vessel, onboard casino lounges with slot machines, a poolside bar and a hot tub.

Windstar Cruises’ largest vessel only carries about 300 passengers, so you can be certain that your cruising experience is going to be an intimate one. The line also wants its passengers to have the freedom to do what they want during the voyages, so if there are any scheduled activities onboard, these are mostly social ones. One of them is a cocktail night with the Captain of the ship. While the ambiance is very casual onboard, women may choose to wear cocktail dresses during social events.

The Fleet and its Destinations

Windstar Cruises has three yacht-sized vessels which sail to Europe, the Greek Islands, the Caribbean, Costa Rica and other exciting destinations all-year-round. The Wind Spirit, which can carry only 148 guests, travels to the more secluded destinations because of its small size. The ship only has 74 staterooms, including the Owner’s Suite which has its own sitting and dining area. The other 73 staterooms are less extravagant, but they all open out to a balcony overlooking the sea.

The Wind Star is about the same size as the Wind Spirit, and shares identical facilities onboard as well. Just like the Wind Spirit, the Wind Star is assigned to sail hidden harbors and secret coves across the globe. Despite its adventurer’s route and small size, the passengers are pampered nevertheless with fine wine, first class dining and an easy itinerary.

The Wind Surf is the cruise line’s biggest vessel, taking on the longer cruises to Barbados. It can carry 312 guests, which is still a low capacity for passengers under luxury cruises. While the ambiance in this ship is still cozy and intimate, the staterooms and suites are definitely more spacious. While not all of the cabins have a view of the ocean, the vessel does have a wide viewing deck. More sociable guests would probably not miss the balconies of the smaller Windstar Cruises vessels.

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