Viking River Cruises: Amongst the Best in River Cruising

Viking River Cruises is among the highest rated river cruising companies .  This is partly due to its fleet of Scandinavian-designed cruise vessels with airy interiors, all opening out to the view of the river. Of course, there’s also the fact that Viking River Cruises has been around for years. Their destination line-up is hard to beat, traversing the most scenic rivers of Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, China, and Egypt.

Comfort and Elegance

Viking River Cruises prides itself for vessels that exude elegance and comfort. If you’ve been meaning to explore Europe, the best way to do it is to get intimate with its main rivers and ride the Viking Legend. The Viking Sun and the Viking Helvetia are also impressive river cruising vessels which have spacious deluxe suites with either open balconies of picture windows. The three vessels are also environmentally friendly, running on “green propulsion”.   The Viking Fontane, Viking Primadonna and Viking Schumann offer similar amenities.

In Russia, the most celebrated vessels run by Viking River Cruises are the Viking Kirov, Viking Surkov, and the Viking Pakhomov. These used to be simpler vessels, but with the recent upgrade, they now have more spacious cabins and restaurants onboard. In China, only one vessel from the company traverses the Yangtze River. This is the Viking Century Sun, and it was awarded with a five star rating by the Chinese National Tourism Office.

Because of its success in the Yangtze River, the cruise line is adding another vessel in the same port. The Viking Emerald will be launched with all-balcony suites and the biggest Presidential Suite in river cruising industry. Suites in Viking ships have flat screen TVs and elegant furnishings which would pass five-star-hotel standards.

The company insists on the comfort of its passengers, so the attire onboard the ship is casual. On shore excursions to the city centers are included in the cruise, so sturdy walking shoes are also recommended. Meals served onboard the ship will depend on the destination. If passengers have special dietary needs (vegan or low sodium/sugar) they just need to advise the Maitre d’ and kitchen arrangements could be made.

Not all Viking ships are equipped with fitness facilities. Passengers who need this during the cruise should make inquiries first.  There is, however, free internet access in all cabins, and a laundry service can be availed, with the cost put on top of the cruise fare.

Cruise Itinerary with time for Independent Activities

Because Viking River Cruises accommodate 150 to 300 guests per voyage, it’s very difficult for them to streamline what every passenger wants to do on a particular cruise. To keep things more organized, they’ve set up standard fixed itineraries for the entire ship (onshore excursions, lectures, etc.), but they do give the passengers free time for independent activities. While you may be asked to stay with the group for an hour or two for a guided tour, you’ll also have time to shop or explore on your own.

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