Viking Line: Ferry Transport around the Baltic and Scandinavia

Viking Line is primarily a ferry line, and booking a trip with them is the most budget-friendly way to get from port to port around the Baltic and Scandinavia. Passengers may also choose to book complete Scandinavia tour package which cover hotel accommodation and land tours. While the line doesn’t offer grand cruises, the ferry ships offer affordable city-to-city transfer to people who want to explore the region without spending too much money. Comfortable cabins and lively entertainment can be found onboard seven of Viking Line’s ships.

Viking Vessels

In true Viking fashion, the Viking Line’s vessels are sturdy and reliable, even if they might not offer the most up market accommodation. The mood is extremely casual aboard these ships, as most of them are really ferry boats transferring both locals and tourists from one city to the next. The M/S Viking Cinderella is the biggest of the fleet, carrying 2700 passengers and up to 480 cars. If you’re flying in from another country and renting a car, the Viking vessel is a good way for you to transport both yourself and your wheels across the sea.

Aside from comfortable cabins and budget-friendly fares, the ship also offers very comfortable cabins and restaurants which serve an excellent smorgasbord of Swedish dishes. At night, musicians entertain passengers with live performances of folk songs.

The smallest ship in the fleet of seven is the M/S Rosella. This ship is only half the size of the Cinderella, carrying 1,700 passengers and 350 vehicles. These ships traverse the coastal areas of Stockholm, mainly Turku and Mariehamn. This is an old ship, built in 1979, and has traveled the most routes among all ships operating under the Viking Line’s brand today.

The other five vessels share the same basic amenities, including shipping for cars, wholesome family-oriented restaurants, comfortably-sized cabins and live music in the evening. The vessels are considered large for the length of their cruises, which can also be considered fortunate because these seas can get rocky and bigger vessels are more stable in these cases.

Daily Trips to Baltic Countries

The Viking Line transports passengers and vehicles between Mariehamn, Stockholm, Turku, Helsinki, Kapelskar, and Langnas. Trips are relatively short, with roundtrips never longer than 24 hours, and one way trips ranging from two to eleven hours per trip, depending on crossing.

To date, most ferries operated by the Viking Line are conventional ferries, save for one vessel that is categorized as a fast ferry. These cruises run for the whole year, regardless of the season.

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