Uniworld River Cruises: River Cruising for Young Travelers

While it’s certainly not the first in its field to try out river cruising, the Uniworld River Cruises do have the most number of destinations. They’re also one of the few river cruise lines to design itineraries specifically for young travelers. Most river cruises are marketed for retirees who prefer quiet afternoons to lively night events. This line offers more than 40 itineraries which would surely please young professionals on a break.

Luxury cruising on a budget

The Uniworld River Cruises offers value-packed itineraries, especially to passengers who book early. They traverse the rivers of Russia, Europe, Egypt and Asia all-year-round and will be operating a total of eleven ships in 2011. One of the vessels on the way is the River Tosca, which is due to sail to the Nile. Another vessel that’s soon to be launched is the Duoro Spirit. This is a 128-passenger yacht with 64 cabins. It’s scheduled to sail the rivers of Spain and Portugal, particularly (as the name suggests) the Duoro River. The River Antoinette, on the other hand, is set to sail the Rhine River in Germany. It’s a slightly bigger vessel which can carry 164 passengers.

Their newest operating ship is the River Beatrice which was refurbished in 2009, while the oldest operating ship is the River Ambassador, refurbished in 2006.The River Beatrice can carry up to 160 passengers while the River Ambassador sails 128 guests. All of the vessels of the Uniworld River Cruises are small, carrying less than 200 passengers, and are perfect for the shallow waters of the world’s most beautiful rivers.

All ships have first class cabins which all open up to the view of the river. The cruises, for the ships’ amenities and the itinerary inclusions, are priced well-below their expected values. The itinerary is also pretty exciting. There are onshore excursions, hot ballooning, and biking events which fit and restless young travelers would pine for. Demos, tours and other forms of entertainment can also be arranged with the cruise manager before the trip.   

Top of the line vessels

The activities and the destinations aren’t the only things attracting passengers to sail with Uniworld River Cruises. They also have impressive amenities installed in their ships. All of the line’s staterooms are designed with the Red Carnation Hotel collection. They’re very spacious and elegantly furnished, to say the least. The beddings are handmade from soft Egyptian cotton, and passengers may even pick out their choice of pillows.

Most ships have marble flooring installed on bathrooms, and the toiletries provided by the cruise line are all designer branded. If you’ve picked out a suite, you’re sure to have a sitting area, while all riverview suites and staterooms are cleaned twice a day. Top dining can also be expected as the vessels have the best restaurants in the industry.

Perhaps, because of the sizes of the ships, there is no mention of fitness or spa facilities. If you’re worried about burning those calories, though, never mind. There are plenty of outdoor activities in the itinerary once the ship docks.

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