Travel Dynamics International: Educational Cruising

There are many types of travelers: the ones who set out to socialize, the ones who want to get away from it all, and the ones who are curious about what’s out there. Travel Dynamics International caters to the scholar traveler who’s curious about other cultures and who would like to retrace the steps of historical figures. The line specializes in “small ship cruising with a purpose”. Aside from relaxing, enjoying the scenery and savoring the good food, passengers also come back home with something more valuable—knowledge.

Themed Cruises

The Travel Dynamics International offers cruises to Africa, the Mediterranean, Antarctica, South America, North America, and Grand Voyages which combine stops to any three of these regions. What makes them more interesting, though, compared to cruises offered by other lines is that they run on themes.

Depending on your preferences, you can sign up for a cruise which focuses on the history, art, culture, religion, environment, or scientific developments of a place. They also offer more conventional family and/or gold cruises which cater to those who just want to relax.

One of the most interesting cruises offered by the Travel Dynamics International is their Mediterranean cruise tracing the travels of St. Paul. Music lovers may also want to make various stops from Istanbul to Seville to trace the development of classical music, and how the sublime pieces of the great maestros influenced culture from coast to coast.

There are also cruises tracing the epic of the Odyssey. These attract a lot of history and literature as the Corinthian II vessel courses through the waters of Istanbul, Troy, Pompeii, Athens, and other cities which figured in the epic. You can expect a lot of onboard lectures in between stops from literary scholars and historians.

The Travel Dynamics International Fleet

The Travel Dynamics International makes no apologies for their small vessels. As a matter of fact, they take great pride in their small ships because these allow them to nose through shallow waters which can’t be reached by bigger ships. They have three very small ships, including the Calisto which can only carry 34 guests. With a group this small, you can expect camaraderie among passengers to form, especially from a group that’s signing up for something they all enjoy.

The Corinthian II is the biggest in the fleet. The vessel is able to carry a total of 114 guests. The ship is also well known for the fine dining experience it can afford its guests. Unlike the other two vessels owned by the line which has very bare amenities, this ship has a comprehensive library, an exercise room and a salon. It also has a penthouse and a balcony suite for guests who want to travel in style.

The Cleia II is the newest ship of the fleet, launched only in 2009. It is equipped with a top notch navigational system and could carry 100 guests. Slightly smaller than the Corinthian II, it is installed with a library, a spa, a fitness room, and a salon as well. Despite the seeming smallness of the Travel Dynamics International’s vessels, they do have spacious and elegantly furnished cabins.

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