Summit Clipper Vacations: Grandest North American Cruise Destinations

Summit Clipper Vacations offers some of the best river cruising around prime locations in the USA and Canada. Visit the best spots in Seattle, Victoria, San Juan Islands, Whistler, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Portland, WA State and Canada. These tours attract both nature lovers and those who would simply want to sink their teeth into local culture and history.

 Summit Clipper Water tours

 While the inland attractions in most of these cities are places you simply mustn’t be missed out on, neither should you pass up the opportunity to explore the city’s waterscape through Summit Clipper Vacations. If you’re bringing your whole family to Victoria, the Orca Whale watching water cruise should be in your itinerary.

 There are also naturalist experts traveling with you on these tours, so you can ask anything you’ve always wanted to know about the Orca. Record your encounter with these amazing mammals at Puget Sound by taking photos. You’re bound to come up with good ones.

 In Seattle, you can also choose between the Whale Watching expedition of the trip through the Clipper Ferry. The Original Seattle Harbor Tour, on the other hand, gives you the best overview of the city, its culture, history, and a survey of all of its inland attractions. It’s a good way to get yourself familiar with Seattle before exploring the city on your own.

 The San Juan Islands will thrill travelers who love water sports. Activities like kayaking and whale watching are common here. You can cruise to the bigger portions of the waterways and then prepare yourself for a kayaking adventure to explore the finer veins of the San Juan Island’s estuaries.

 Build your own trip

 There are more water cruises offered by Summit Clipper Vacations. These are mostly complementary to land tours exploring the cities’ famous gardens and museums as well. The Summit Clipper Vacations gives you a comprehensive overview of the place you’re going to visit without exactly overcrowding you with an itinerary that’s tiring to follow.

 The best thing about the Summit Clipper Vacations is that it allows you to customize your own trip. This is easier done, though, when you’re traveling with a group of over 10 people. The Summit Clipper Vacations also gives special discounts to students and children. This is a family-oriented cruising company that’s really more focused on comfort that all that glitz and glamour you’d expect from mega cruises.

 The mood is intimate, and you’ll always feel right at home with the tour packages. Whether you’re looking for a historical rundown about one of the most celebrated structures in the area, or simply a day out with the family, fishing and enjoying the sun, you’ll probably be satisfied with what the Summit Clipper Vacations has to offer to you.

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