South American Cruises – a Diversity of Cruise Options

Cruising in South America is like no other cruise destination; it is probably one of the most diverse areas and covers a whole spectrum of interests.  There are beaches, beautiful architecture, famous cities, tiny villages, rainforests, waterfalls, ancient monuments, famous rivers etc. etc. etc. In fact the term ‘South America’ is a little misleading as it also covers Central America as well.

The area is so diverse that cruises can be as short as 7 days or as long as two months.  There are cruises from the very south which travel right into Antarctica and then there are others that take their guests through the Panama Canal, every region has something special to offer.

The South – Argentina & Chile

The far south route is typically around 14 days and travels between Santiago in Chile and the beautiful Argentinean city of Buenos Aires.  The highlights of this cruise are:

  • The Chilean coastline with its 1,000-miles of forests, glaciers and fjords.
  • The southern most tip of the continent where the Pacific meets the Atlantic, the Straights of Magellan, the islands of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago and Cape Horn are all incredible sights.
  • Buenos Aires known as the “Paris of South America,” and home of the Tango.

East coast – Brazil and Argentina

If you are interested in a short ‘taster’, a seven day cruise on South America’s east coast between Brazil and Argentina is a good place to start; if you have time why not extend your cruise at one or both ends and spend some time in two wonderful cities.  Highlights will include:

  • Armacao dos Buzio, famous for its white beaches.  This is where the rich and famous head.  The west waters are calm whilst the east coast is great for surfing.
  • Abraao.  From here take a trip to Ilha Grande part of Brazil’s pristine Atlantic rainforest and one of the richest ecosystems in the world.
  • From Montevideo visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Colonia del Sacramento the oldest city in Uruguay.

Cruise Through the Panama Canal

Cruising Mexico, Central America and the northern parts of the South American continent offers an impressive variety of experiences and cultures. Some examples of what is on offer includes:

  • 14 hours cruising through the Panama Canal
  • From Puntarenas visit some of Costa Rica’s best sights, Manuel Antonio Park with its pristine white beaches on the edge of the rain forest, or visit the Arenal Volcano and afterwards plunge into the hot springs nearby.
  • Visit a small village just outside Manta in Ecuador to see where Panama hats are made or take a longer trip to the wonderful old city of Quito.
  • Depending on its itinerary the ship may dock overnight at Callao in Peru allowing guests to visit one of the most popular tourist spots in Peru; Machu Picchu.
  • Costa Maya, the quiet side of Mexico has been unspoilt by tourism.  There are long stretches of sandy beach, some excellent dive sites with coral reefs and its close enough to visit the Kohunlich Mayan ruins for those who love archaeology.

… so many Opportunities

These are just some of the areas covered in a South America cruise but there are many many more.  This really is a diverse area which will appeal to everyone, there are so many opportunities that maybe one cruise here just isn’t going to be enough.

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