Silversea Cruises: Intimate cruising

Taking cruise vacations have never been more relaxing and fun with every cruise fleet competing and trying to constantly improve their amenities and services.  The quest of cruise companies to be the best cruise line has worked to the advantage of passengers.  What passengers get are top-of-the-line cruise ships which make vacations at sea an extraordinary experience.

A Cut Above

Intimate cruising is a feature of Silversea Cruises.  So many cruise lines aim to have an intimate relationship with its guests but none does it like Silversea Cruises.  With its smaller vessels, they can reach secluded harbours and they can reach destinations where larger vessels find difficulty in navigating. Cruising with Silversea Cruises offers the ultimate personal cruising experience.  This cruising company makes it a mission to keep clients relaxed and pampered all throughout the trip.  It offers different kinds of activities that would cater to the body, mind and soul.  It has on-board fitness centers for those wanting more physical activities and offers massages or warm whirlpool soaks for those wanting to be relieved of stress. The ship has a variety of board games.   Some may want to try their luck at the casino or by playing bingo.  For sports lovers, Silversea Cruises offers golf putting, water volleyball and table tennis, among other sports. For others who enjoy intellectual stimulation, the cruise has a well-stocked library, enrichment lectures and destination seminars.  It also has world-class entertainment which range from live musicals to production shows.

The Fleet and the Destinations

Silversea Cruises have six exciting vessels. It has the Silver Cloud which is their inaugural ship. This vessel offers dream cruises to destinations in South America, the Caribbean and Mexico.  It spends its summers in Northern Europe and autumns in the Mediterranean.   It also has the Silver Wind which is one of the most intimate vessel in its fleet.   Its destinations include South Africa in spring time, the Mediterranean during summer and fall and proceeds to the Red Sea at winter time.  The Silver Shadow offers cruises to destinations in the Caribbean, crosses the Panama Canal, and spends summers in Alaska and even goes as far as the Bering Sea in the Far East.  It also spends some time, too, in Australia and New Zealand for holiday voyages.   Similar to their Silver Shadow is the Silver Whisper which is slightly larger than the other vessels in the fleet. This cruise ship offers cruises to Australia, New Zealand, the Arabian Peninsula and spends its summers in Northern Europe. It crosses Canada and New England during the fall season where leaves change their colors right before your eyes, and travels to Bermuda, the Caribbean and South America all throughout the year.   The cruise line also includes the Silver Spirit and Prince Albert II which offers similar luxury expeditions.

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