Saga Cruises: Seniors Go Cruising!

A cruise solely for senior citizens.  That is what Saga Cruises offers.   Saga Cruises is a British cruise line which caters exclusively to clients who are 50 years old or older.  It provides total relaxation, pampering and complete enjoyment without having to deal with teenagers and children.  Saga Cruises caters to everyone who is 50 years old and above.  The only requirement is that they must be ready to have the vacation of a lifetime. 

The Saga Cruises Fleet

The cruise line has two magnificent vessels, namely, the Saga Pearl II and the new Saga Ruby.  Both ships are equipped with state-of-the-art navigational tools and the most modern facilities.  They have  balcony cabins which are elegantly designed, stylish lounges, and beautiful decks with gorgeous views.   A unique feature of these vessels is their single occupancy cabins for solo travellers which makes cruising even more affordable.   The two ships are mid-sized, meaning they carry about 400 to 600 passengers at a time. 

Enjoying a Saga Cruise

Being in the same boat with similarly-aged people who have comparable interests is what Saga Cruises is all about.  As soon as one steps on board, it becomes obvious that Saga Cruises is different from all the rest.  At the start of the journey, everyone is invited by the Captain to a Cocktail Party where one can get to know other passengers and toast to the voyage which is about to begin.  To take relaxation to a higher level, spa services such as saunas and massages are readily available.  There is also a wide selection of books in the library for the voracious readers.  And for those who want to stretch their muscles, they can take a swim in any of the ship’s pools.  Saga Cruises also offers yoga classes, pilates classes and fitness programs.   Saga Cruises offers a more laid back cruising atmosphere which is more appreciated by their older clientele.  As for entertainment, Saga Cruises provides world-class cabaret acts and shows, ballroom dancing, and various games and tournaments.  It also boasts of fabulous food which is unmistakably English cuisine.  For instance, they may serve Kippers for breakfast, chops for dinner and English tea and scones for afternoon tea. 

Destinations and Theme Cruises

Saga Cruises sails to some of the most gorgeous destinations in the world – the Canary Islands, Africa, the British Isles, Ireland, Baltic, Scandinavia, the Caribbean, Greenland, the Mediterranean, Iceland, and the Arctic.   It offers more than 40 different cruises with over 100 ports of call.  Saga Cruises also offers theme cruises, allowing their passengers to indulge in their interests and hobbies like archaeology, walking, gardens, music, art, wildlife, dancing and military history.  There are also Christmas cruises to the UK and to other parts of Europe like Italy, Belgium and Croatia.

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