Royal Caribbean International Cruise: An Impressive Fleet

The Royal Caribbean Cruise line has an impressive fleet of extraordinary ships with many never-before-seen features like whirlpools, zip-lines and amphitheaters.  Getting on board a Royal Caribbean Cruise means only one thing – that you are in for a world class cruise experience.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Fleet

Royal Caribbean International Cruise line boasts of top-of-the-line cruise ships with all of the state-of -the-art facilities that modern shipping has to offer.  It has several classes of ships, namely, the Oasis Class, the Freedom Class, the Radiance Class, the Vision Class, the Voyage Class and the Sovereign Class.  A Royal Caribbean Cruise is perfect for families, even those with small children.  The cruise offers many fun and educational activities for children.  Its spacious staterooms can accommodate families and have facilities for cribs and smaller beds for children.  Dining options are even available for kids who want to eat more familiar food like hamburgers or sausages.

The facilities vary according to class of ship, but with a wide range of recreational activities and attractions, getting bored on a Royal Caribbean cruise is out of the question.  Options include full-service spa for those who want to be pampered and a fitness center for passengers who want to keep fit.  For more physically active passengers, wall climbing, ice skating and simulated surfing are also available on some ships.   You will find an entertainment complex which features grand pool tournaments and a casino where passengers can try their luck.  You may also have gardens and a park with trees and foliage where passengers can leisurely stroll as if they are on land.

Cruise Destinations

The cruise line sails to various parts of the globe.  Presently, Royal Caribbean Cruise offers sailings to Europe to see its sophisticated cities and ancient and majestic history, to the wonders of North and South America, to the mysteries of the Pacific islands and to the rich cultures of Asia.  It offers 4-night cruises to the Bahamas, 5-night cruises in the Western Caribbean,  7-night cruises in the Western Mediterranean and 6-night cruises in Western Europe.  These are only a few of its many exciting cruise options.  It also sails to Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, the Bermuda, Hawaii, the Panama Canal, Canada, New England, Northern Europe, and Mexico.   Not to be outdone by other cruise lines, the Royal Caribbean Cruise has fantastic shore and land excursions, too.   These land tours allow passengers to visit popular tourist destinations and to try local cuisine in places which can’t be reached by sea.

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