Rhone River Cruises: A Spectacular European Cruise

Rhone River is considered to be one of Europe’s major rivers. The river runs through major cities of Switzerland and France. This makes Rhone River cruises among the most idyllic and the most spectacular among the European cruises running today. Of course, Europe is more than two countries. But the cities along the Rhone River are representatives of what Europe is all about.

Travel itineraries

The travel itinerary of a Rhone River cruise basically depends on its focus. Most Rhone River cruises, however, focus on the South of France and, specifically, the city of Provence. This specific cruise is meant of travelers who want to visit the vine-growing cities of France.

Here are most major French cities that should be part of your Rhone River cruise travel:

  • Lyon. This city, a major business center, is known for being the gastronomy capital of the world. Many cruise passengers explore Lyon to try its bouchons—Lyon’s traditional restaurants renowned for their wines and local dishes.
  • Burgundy. The region of Burgundy in southern France is also known for its wine—which is why a gastronomical-themed cuisine on the Rhone River is never complete without a stopover here. The region is actually known for the Burgundy wine.
  • Saone River. Obviously a separate river from the Rhone, this one is just as scenic as the Rhone River and is usually a side trip in a Rhone River cruise. The Saone River runs through other scenic towns and cities such as Vosges, Cote-d’Or, and Ain. Vosges is an amazing historical site as it is here where the Joan of Arc’s hometown is situated. Ain, on the other hand, is a major tourist destination thanks to its museums and religious structures and monuments.

Duration and staring point

Because of the scope of the Rhone River and the riches that it offers in terms of travel options, many cruise lines offer theme cruises and cruises to specific areas. For instance, many cruises focus solely on Lyon, Provence, and Burgundy—although there are also a number of cruises that focus on these three.

Others focus on food and wine attractions, so the cruises here pass through wine-growing cities and cities with renowned restaurants (Lyon would always be here since it’s known for having the best chefs in France).

The theme cruises usually last for a week. However,  a thorough Rhone River cruise can last for two weeks or more, depending on how thorough it will explore the French cities.

Things to see and do

There are many onshore and offshore activities for passengers of a Rhone River cruise. Here are some notable examples:

  • Eat. Even if you’re not in a food-themed cuisine, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sample the culinary offerings of the country. The area is renowned for its food and wine, after all.
  • Explore. Most of the cities covered by the cuisine have some amazing sites and attractions. For instance, Lyon is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so the entire city is actually worth exploring.
  • Enjoy the sights of Rhone River. The river remains to be a sight to behold on its own. The view of the cityscape by night from the river is also an immaculate view.

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