Quark Expeditions: Polar Cruises

The Arctic and the Antarctic are two spectacular regions which serious adventure travelers shouldn’t miss out on exploring. The cruise lines which have the technical skills to make these expeditions could be counted with one hand. One of the best cruise lines for the job is Quark Expeditions. While they’ve only been around since 1991, they’ve also received high feedback from guests. The ships run by the line have excellent designs built to withstand ice and hard conditions. The crew’s skills are simply top-of-the-line.

Polar specialties

While Quark Expeditions have adventure tours outside of the North and South Pole, they’ve made their mark in the industry as experts in traversing the two coldest regions of the Earth. The experienced crew have experience in circumnavigating Antarctica and sailing the Arctic Northeast Passage. Passengers on cruises to either pole will be accompanied by naturalist and experts on the wildlife, climate and geographical make up of the areas.

Onboard, travelers will embark on an in depth learning experience, understanding the way of life of the penguins or the polar bears, and being taught about the alignments of the Earth’s magnetic poles in relation to the planet’s position. All expeditions to the South and North Poles happen during the spring and summer. For the Antarctic, this is between November and March, and for the Arctic, this is between June and September.

Aside from the lectures and sight-seeing, expeditions will put travelers face-to-face with the North and South Pole environment. While all of the expedition ships are small, carrying less than 200 passengers per trip, there may be some estuaries which are too narrow for the vessels to nose into. Expedition ships also have zodiacs and expert guides who can maneuver these boats. The use of the zodiacs is also inclusive of the cruise fare, so there’s no need for passengers to pay for any extras while they’re on the trip.

Arctic or Antarctic – Choose your adventure

Quark Expeditions lets passengers plot out their adventures. The line also encourages them to see the Arctic and Antarctic more than once. There are four very different polar expeditions to the Arctic regions, and nine to the Antarctic. The areas are simply too vast to be covered by a single cruise, and these cruises already run for as long as 31 days, depending on the itinerary.

The line currently owns seven expedition ships. The polar-class icebreakers are the 50 Years of Victory and the Kapitan Khlebnikov. The Kapitan Khlebnikov is older and has carried experts through the first Antarctic expeditions. It’s soon to retire. The 50 Years of Victory is the line’s most capable vessel today, running on 7,500 hp of nuclear power.

Their other ships cruise to destinations which are just as adventurous. They are the Ocean Nova, the Clipper Adventurer, the Akademik Sergey Vavilov, the Akademik Shokalskiy, and the Akademik Ioffe. All ships, including the ice breakers, are rated as “very small,” with the tiniest vessel able to carry only 46 people.

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