North Pole Icebreaker Cruise

A North Pole cruise really is the trip of a lifetime; it’s a serious cruise for those with serious money, but is one of the most amazing places that anyone could visit.  Throughout history explorers and adventurers have used dogs and sleds, taking years to prepare for what would have been a terrific struggle.  Even today getting to the North Pole is not easy and it is still only possible for a very few, but maybe if dreams come true for some of us one day it will be out turn.

Nuclear Powered Icebreaker Cruise

The ‘50 Years of Victory’ or ‘50 Let Pobedy’; its registered maritime name, is a nuclear powered icebreaker owned by the Russian Federation and once or twice a year, during the summer months in the northern hemisphere, it offers the opportunity of a lifetime for just 128 people.  The ship is the most sophisticated and powerful ever built capable of cutting through ice up to 2.5 meters thick with its 160 meter stainless steel hull 30 meters wide, powered by two nuclear reactors and two steam turbines which feed six generators it creates enough energy to travel up to 21 knots.

Even though the ship is an icebreaker with outstanding technical specifications it is also very comfortable with 64 en-suite cabins, dining room, bar, library, lounge, shop, pool, two saunas, a sea view gym, medical clinic and an aft lounge used for presentations during the day and for dancing by night.

During the day the ships excursions give passengers the opportunity to put their feet onto the ice.  The excursion are done either in the ‘Victory Helicopter’ to places not accessible by the ship itself or by Zodiacs, the aerial views along the way are great photographic opportunities.

Trips begin and end in Helsinki followed by a flight to Murmansk in Russia to board the ship.  Days 3 to 8 are predicted to be spent travelling towards the North Pole, predicted because this environment here is very unpredictable. The Victory holds the records for the fastest journey to the North Pole, in 2008 it took just 4.5 days and that’s all part of the anticipation, can the record be beaten?  During the days at sea there are opportunities to take helicopter flights for aerial views of the ship breaking through the pack ice, or those staying on deck there are always plenty of photo opportunities of passing icebergs and polar bears which are regularly seen.

North Pole – Top of the World

When you arrive at 90°N you will be just like the famous explorers standing at the top of the world, although they probably didn’t have a glass of champagne or the option to take a polar plunge!  This is a time for photo’s and celebration and most of the day can be spent doing just what you wish.

Just because the destination has been reached that doesn’t mean it’s the end of your trip, days 10 -13 will be spent in an area known as Franz Josef Land.  This arctic area is where seabirds nest and a great place to spot wildlife.  After being dropped off by helicopter, or one of the zodiacs, it’s a hike to the top of one of the mountains or if you prefer time for beach combing.

A North Pole cruise is all about the final destination, but its also about the journey itself and the knowledge that very few people have or will ever see the red sign saying ‘90°N’.

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