Moselle River Cruise: Explore the Jewels of Europe

The Moselle River is unlike other major waterways in Germany. For instance, the Rhine River is within close proximity of several key tourist destinations. This makes that river a prime central location for viewing the popular key points of the country. But the Moselle River—which also passes through Luxemburg and France—passes through some idyllic places that are less well known as tourist attractions.

This fact doesn’t mean that Moselle River cruises are inferior to other cruises. This only means that the Moselle River cruise is more low key, focusing on the more quiet yet picturesque areas of the country. A Moseller River cruise is simple and refreshing, showing passengers the different side of Germany.

Travel itineraries

One of the more popular Moselle River themes is the vineyard and vista themes. Here, passengers will pass through various idyllic places in Germany where they can enjoy breathtaking sights and amazing food and cuisine.

Moselle River cruise destinations include a travel to Bamberg, a city that offers some of the most unique patrician houses and architecture. The Old Town of Bamberg, in particular, is the key point of this cruise.  Passengers should try the city’s Rauchbier, a locally made beer that the town is famous for.

Another town that’s famous of their alcoholic drink: Wurzburg. This time, passengers sample the town’s amazing wine while taking in its amazing sceneries. Destinations here include the Bishops’ Residenz and Rothenburg, a medieval town near Wurzburg that’s charming in many ways.

Trier, the country’s oldest city, is just as spectacular to look at. Some of the key destinations here include the Church of Our Lady and the Trier Cathedral. Meanwhile, Cochem offers castles and dense forests. These two are indeed uniquely German and are must visits in a Moselle River cruise.

What’s amazing with some Moselle River cruises is how they also feature some Rhine River destinations (since they connect at Koblenz). This means Moselle River cruise passengers can get the best of both worlds.

Cruise Duration and Departure

Cruises that solely pass through Moselle River destinations last for about a week, although those that go through France (or depart from France) can last longer. However, majority of the Moselle River cruises really start at Koblenz. Others depart from Nunumberg, although the meet up point may be at Koblenz due to its prime location.

In any case, Moselle River cruises are among cruises that feature the most picturesque locations in Germany, so they are great for just being cozy and relaxed. Although they will involve a lot of walking tours through some towns and cities, the not so frenzied feel of these destinations are likely to make the trip less grueling and more refreshing, allowing you to enjoy Germany for what it can really offer.

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