Kimberley Cruise: An Australian Adventure

For tourists looking for a unique Australian experience, a Kimberley Cruise offers a fantastic way to explore one of Australia’s most magnificent  wilderness areas.

Natural Attractions

The Kimberley region in Western Australia is a treasure due to its wilderness areas and its amazing flora and fauna. Some of the parks and natural attractions that you can visit while on a Kimberley cruise include:

  1. The Bungle Bungle Range. This is part of Western Australia’s Pumululu National Park. This is a major destination because of its sandstones and canyons. In particular, this area has what is called the Ord Basin.
  2. Horizontal Falls. This unusually named waterfalls isn’t actually a waterfalls. Rather, it’s fast tidal flow that creates the illusion of a falls. This is an uncommon natural phenomenon—so, obviously, it attracts a lot of tourists.
  3. El Questro Wilderness Park. This park is privately owned and has some of the most amazing views this side of the world. Its size alone makes it a must-visit for every tourists in the Kimberley region. Because it served as a cattle station years ago, it still houses more than 8,00 cattle.
  4. Cape Leveque. The tip of Kimberley’s Dampier Peninsula, Cape Leveque attracts visitors thanks to its beaches and its remote, underdeveloped feel. The beaches here are still pristine, perfect for those looking for quiet beach time.


What sets an Australian cruise apart from other cruises is the range of outdoor activities tourists can do. Here are some of the activities you can do in the Kimberley region:

  • Fishing during cruise downtime. Barramundi fishing is particularly common in this region. It’s a great way to enjoy those moments when you want to relax while doing something uniquely Australian.
  • Marine excursions and shore excursions. Thanks to the wealth of water and land-based attractions in the Kimberley region, tourists can explore various spots such as Lake Argyle, Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater National Park, Mirima National Park, and River Road, among several others.
  • Helicopter rides. Many of the attractions in Kimberley can only be seen on a helicopter (the Horizontal Falls and the Bungle Bungle Range, for instance). These rides aren’t part of the cruise packages, but they’re worth a try, if only for the unbelievable sights you’ll see from above.
  • Visiting historical sites such as the St. George Basin, the Camden Harbour, and the Mitchell Plateau, among many others.
  • Other attractions include Koolama Bay, Drysdale River, and Bigge Island and many others.

Of course, simply enjoying the sunrise and the sunset from the cruise ship is already a worthy activity in a Kimberley cruise. The Kimberley region is serene and beautiful, thanks to the natural wonders here that are mainly unimpeded by human hands.

Kimberley cruises depart from various ports, depending on the focus of the cruise. Some cruises start at Wyndham, Broome or Darwin, although passengers are picked up from Kununurra. Cruises typically last for about 12 to 14 days, although shorter cruises are available.

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