Greenland Cruises: Exploring the Arctic Seas

Greenland is an autonomous country within Denmark. It is between the Atlantic Oceans and the Arctic. Due to its proximity to the Arctic, majority of its land area is ice-covered (despite the name, which suggests a country full of grass and meadows).

In any case, Greenland cruises may be among the more unique cruises you can find today. This country is immersed in Inuit traditions and Norse culture, so it offers very unusual attractions. Of course, the Arctic environment also gives the Greenland cruise a different feel. While many cruises focus on escapes to warmer climates, this one will traverse ice-covered areas and bodies of water that’s filled with icebergs, among others.

Travel itineraries

Most Greenland cruises start off at Disko Bay. One major difference of Greenland cruises from other cruises: the travel at onshore destinations can be a bit more physically demanding, especially when trekking the lesser known areas of the region.

Many cruises here start at Kangerlussuaq. From here, the cruise will travel to Qeqertarsuaq, where the Arctic research station is situated. The cruise hopes to travel until Reykjavik, the northernmost capital of the world.

One major issue with this cruise is that its often affected by weather. Although some locations are generally readily accessible, others (such as the southern part of Greenland) are very dependent on the conditions of the weather and the ice. These conditions are usually often unpredictable and not seasonal, so this could affect the travel itinerary of the cruise.


Nonetheless, there are attractions in Greenland that you shouldn’t dare miss. These locations include:

  • The Denmark Strait. This strait is actually between Iceland and Greenland and connects Atlantic Ocean to the Greenland sea. It is the site of the historical Battle of the Denmark Strait—and is an amazing cruise destination for the traces of Norse civilization in the area.
  • Nuuk. This is Greenland’s capital. As the country’s oldest town, Nuuk offers a surreal combination of old world traditions and structures and modern architecture.
  • Sisimiut. This fishing community is part of Greenland’s heart—making it a must tourist destination for Greenland cruise passengers.

What to do in a Greenland cruise

Greenland cruises can last from 16 days to as long as 35 days—depending on the extent of the Arctic exploration. Most of the cruises start at Kangerlussuaq (and connecting flights to here aren’t necessarily very common). However, since Greenland cruises are very popular, many cruise lines have pick up areas in various US and UK locations (through plane, of course; the plane fare is usually part of the cruise package).

Many people go on a Greenland cruise because the journey itself is already a worthy exploration and vacation. Sailing through the Arctic seas, passengers can see some of the most breathtaking sights that even a thorough cruise along other locations elsewhere cannot offer. It is also an opportunity to explore and learn about other cultures and other environments.

Of course, cruising on a boat while enjoying the different sceneries and scenarios is already a treat in itself. The amenities of the ship merely add flavor and spice to the cruise.

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