G.A.P Adventures : Eco-tourism Cruising

G.A.P. Adventures is certainly one of the top billers when it comes to eco-tourism. Environmentalists or not, travelers just can’t help but respect what this travel company is trying to do. Aside from immersing its passengers to cultures, away from the tourist traps which most cruise lines take them, they also have some of the most competitive cruise fares in the market.

Traveling doesn’t have to be Expensive

G.A.P. Adventures will take you through areas of the world that very few travelers have gone to. These includes affordable trips to Antarctic and Arctic regions, to Africa, Asia, South America, the Amazon, India, Indochina and so much more. These places are also not treated by the cruise line as merely “exotic”. They’re special places of interest, and while onboard lectures are integral to the cruises, the real core of the trips is the onshore excursion.

Once the ship docks, passengers will be taken to see how people in the areas really live. There would also be excursions to explore the wildlife of the most beautiful regions around the world. Expect bird watching activities and visits to aboriginal villages. Because G.A.P. is a partner of the Discovery Channel and understands how observing travelers must not intervene with the way of life of these peoples, you don’t have to be guilty about interacting with them. Before you set out on foot, lectures about the area’s culture will be discussed as well.  

The Antarctica tour is a classic, with passengers encouraged to film and observe how penguins live from day-to-day. If you’re lucky, you may even witness their mating season when the male penguins are left to tend to the egg and mother penguins leave to hunt for food. You’ll be a witness to the natural cycle of life where predator and prey interact in a timeless relationship. This will open your eyes to see life from a totally different perspective.

Prime Polar Expeditions

While G.A.P. Adventures offers many types of tours, including air tours and land tours to different places on Earth, their most celebrated tours are their polar expeditions. You’ll be riding the M/S Expedition through the Arctic and the Antarctic regions. Trips to the Arctic run from June to September. The Antarctic expeditions, on the other hand, are scheduled between November and January.

In between, the M/S Expedition also visits the Norwegian fjords in June, Brazilian beaches in October, and Greenland and Iceland every September. The schedules may be altered depending on the season. It’s advisable for passengers to check the website first before booking a trip with them.

The M/S Expedition is a pretty old ship which was built in 1972. However, it was recently renovated and converted into a cruise ship in 2008. Despite the seemingly rough exterior, the vessel actually has a bar inside, comfortable cabins, a lounge and a library for travelers who would want to read up about the areas they’re visiting. Cruises with the G.A.P. Adventurers are streamlined for those who prefer down to earth travel, and who could do without the razzmatazz of mainstream commercial cruising.

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