Experience Paris Through a Seine River Cruise

 The Seine River is one of the most iconic bodies of water in France. Considered to be one of the major commercial waterways not just in Paris but within the regions of the country as well, it is known by tourists due to its spectacular beauty. And since the river mainly passes through the city of Paris, cruising along the Seine River is like cruising along the iconic city itself. This is why Seine River Cruises are quite popular.

Attractions and travel itineraries

 There are many reasons why a Seine River cruise is a favourite among tourists in France. For one, the river has more than 30 bridges within the territory of Paris alone—not to mention the others beyond the city. Many of the iconic bridges that you will see in a Seine River cruise include the Pont Royal located in central Paris and the  historic Pont Louis-Philippe that connects the neighborhood of Saint-Gervais and Quai de Bourbon.

But beyond the bridges, Seine River cruises offer most important sights in Paris. The sights within the proximity of the Seine River (and, therefore, part of any Seine River cruise itinerary) are:

  • The Louvre Museum
  • The Orsay Musem
  • Notre-Damn
  • The Eiffel Tower, and many others


The river actually starts at Burgundy, so Paris-Burgundy cruises are very common. There are also a number of day Seine River cruises (some of which don’t even last of 12 hours). These cruises focus solely on specific Paris and Seine attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower. Some cruises, meanwhile, are done at night so passengers can see the Paris cityscape at night (so they can see the illumination of the city).

Of course, there are also more elaborate cruises, those that go through various French cities and attractions. Besides Paris and Burgundy, longer Seine River cruises usually go to Les Andelys (which features the Chateau Gaillard), Rouen, Lyon, Avignon, and Arles. These destinations include walking tours, so passengers should expect to be onshore most of the time. However, most city tours last for just a day, so there’s no need for the cruise passengers to book hotels within the city.

What to do in Seine River cruises

 Elaborate Seine River cruises last for around 14 days to 15 days and they usually depart from Paris. Most cruise lines have pick up points in the Charles de Gaulle airport. From there, passengers are transferred to the ship.

Besides checking out the amazing destinations of Paris and France, Seine River cruises have a lot to offer. France cruises, for one, are not complete without trying French cuisine at authentic restaurants in the city. Passengers will also enjoy looking at the amazing Paris cityscape from the Seine River—this alone is already worth the cruise.

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