Dnieper River Cruise: A Picturesque Moving Paradise

The Dneiper River is a picturesque water thoroughfare. A major European river that’s connected to the equally beautiful Black Sea, this river runs through Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. As these countries may already suggest, a Dnieper River cruise is like looking into the unique history and heritage of these three nations. As a passenger on a Dnieper River Cruise, you will see several historical and religious sites that reveal so much about the world.

Major destinations

Because the river runs mainly through the city of Kiev in the country of Ukraine. Kiev has a number of amazing religious attractions, such as the St. Sophia Cathedral and the elaborate and intricate Primorsky Boulevard. Other Ukraine cities that can offer such amazing attractions include Zaporozhye and Sevastopol. These cities are not port cities, so visiting these areas will area onshore traveling.

Most Dnieper River cruises also go through the Black Sea, although they rarely explore the area thoroughly.


Although majority of the Dnieper River cruises start off at Kiev, some stop off at port cities such as Sevastopol, Kaniv, Kherson, and Odessa (another major destination in Dnieper River cruises). Therefore, travelers may need to book a flight to Ukraine then travel to the port area of Kiev or Odessa to board the ship.

These port areas are actually tourist attractions themselves. In particular, Kiev and Odessa are known for having the best tourist-friendly markets and amazing restaurants that offer native cuisine.

Most Dnieper River cruises last for at least 10 days, although a number of the cruises actually last longer, depending on the travel itineraries. Basically, cruises that explore Ukraine and go to basic, cursory areas in Russia and Belarus thoroughly last for around two weeks.


The onshore and offshore activities in a Dnieper River cruise can be some of the most invigorating. Here are some of the basic activities you can do in a Dnieper River cruise:

1.      Explore Odessa. Odessa is not called the “Pearl of the Black Sea” for nothing. It has some of the most spectacular parks this side of the world. The city also has some breathtaking monuments and structures—including the Vorontsov Palace and City Hall.

2.      Lounge in the beaches. The Dnieper River has some of the most beautiful results without the crowding and rampant commercialism of the Mediterranean area. If you want to enjoy beaches as they, this is the cruise for you.

Enjoy the Mediterranean weather—which is perfect not only for beaches but also for quiet days onboard the ship, while you’re sipping an iced drink or simply taking in the marvelous sights of the Dnieper River.

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