Disney Cruises: Seeing The World Through a Child’s Eyes

If Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, then Disney Cruises has to be the happiest place on sea.  One look at the unmistakable Mickey Mouse logo that adorns the fleet’s vessels and one would know for certain that he is in for a wonderful treat.  And Disney Cruises definitely does not disappoint.

The Disney Cruises Fleet

Disney Cruises currently has 2 sailing vessels – the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder.  There are 2 more ships which are being constructed.  One is the Disney Dream which will set sail in 2011 and the other is the Disney Fantasy which is set to sail in 2012.  All Disney Cruises ships are designed in true Disney fashion – grand, elegant and fun.  Full of shops, restaurants, clubs and attractions, a Disney cruise is one that is packed with fun, excitement and incredible experiences that passengers of all ages will always remember.

Disney Cruises staterooms are designed for practicality, keeping in mind the comfort of families.  They are luxurious yet cozy, exquisite yet warm and friendly.  They are spacious and have split bathrooms avoiding arguments on who gets to use the bathroom first.  For larger families or groups, adjoining rooms are also available.

If there is anything that Disney does best, it is to entertain people of all ages.  Disney Cruises ships have grand world-class theaters on board which host Broadway-style Disney musicals, live entertainment, and the newest 3-D movies which are not even out yet in the cinemas.

Children never run out of activities on a Disney Cruises ship.  Of course, aboard the ship along with the fantastic crew are the Disney characters that everyone knows and loves so well. Children’s clubs with activities suited to the children’s ages.  Disney Cruises is also full of water fun and splashes with 2 water-themed rides – the AquaDuck which is a transparent water coaster which twists and turns as guests slide down 4 decks and Nemo’s Reef where smaller kids can splash around fountains, water jets and bubblers.  There are also 4 impressive swimming pools, 2 of which are for families, 1 for children and 1 for adults only.  The Goofy Pool, which is a family pool, includes whirlpool spas and a huge overhead LCD screen showing popular Disney shows.  The Mickey Pool is a 2-feet deep children only pool with a fun twisting slide.

Disney Cruises Destinations

There are so many more facilities and activities in the Disney Cruises fleet.  It should be kept in mind though that cruising is not only about the ship but also about its destination.   Disney Cruises sails to Europe, particularly to Cannes, Barcelona and Rome.  It also sails to Alaska where passengers can admire the amazing and awe-inspiring glaciers.   For sandy beaches, the Disney fleet sails to the Bahamas, the Caribbean and to the Mexican Riviera.  For unforgettable journeys, Disney Cruises also offers Panama Canal cruises and Transatlantic crossings.

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