Cruise Challenge – How Many Activities in One Day?

On a recent cruise I accepted a challenge from my partner to fill as much of my ‘at sea day’ with as many activities as possible, unfortunately this couldn’t include sitting in a deck chair and reading.  Challenge accepted.  Last night, before I went to bed, I placed my order for breakfast and read ‘Today’, the ships newspaper outlining everything tomorrow will bring.  The paper told me everything I needed to know including important navigational highlights, sunrise and sunset time, the all important cocktail of the day and what I needed to focus on, the section entitled ‘Your Day On Board’.  With pen in hand and I set about my challenge

Breakfast in my cabin at 08.30 starts the day off nicely but it’s a bit too late to make it up to the poolside on Deck 9 for ‘Warm Up Your Muscles’ however at 10am in the Sports Bar there’s ‘Benvenuto – Italian lesson’; in anticipation of our arrival in Rome tomorrow.  11am already and Italian lesson over it’s a quick trip up to the poolside for Salsa (part1).  Now for dance lessons you do need a sense of humour because the teachers are about 12, extremely slim and flexible and know how to do this standing on their head, I however seem to have two left feet and no sense of rhythm and spend most of the class treading on my partners toes.  After lessons I am forced to buy him a coffee in one of the nearby bars as it seems he may never walk again, although he has agreed to come back for Salsa (part 2) this afternoon.  Coffee finished I can either attend a seminar on beauty tips in the Spa or take a look at the Art Expo Sale on Deck 6.  As it’s nearly lunchtime I opt for the Art exhibition and on the way visit the shops which always have special offers on at sea days. Two more activities ticked off and time for lunch.

There’s a choice of the buffet restaurant or a waiter service meal.  As it’s a sea day I prefer to have the waiter service, much less pushing and shoving and I always eat far too much at a buffet.  Lunch over and I need to do something before my 3pm dance class, I don’t fancy playing cards in the Library but a go in the casino would be fun.  I decide not to try the Roulette but head for the slot machines instead.  Watching some of the others playing with huge buckets of money on three machines makes my 10 Euros look a little meagre but I only lost half of it, quite an achievement really.

The dance class is over without the intervention of the medical staff and at 4pm it’s classic teatime in the lounge on Deck 5. Cucumber sandwiches and little cakes are served with a choice of tea, very civilised.  Now with only 4 hours to go until I need to be ready for the Captains Gala night photo session I really must get one more thing in before cocktails in the Crows Nest.  It has to be Super Bingo in the Grand Bar with a rollover jackpot.

Challenge well and truly won there’s still our evening meal, the theatre show, ballroom dancing in the lounge, the piano bar, the midnight buffet and the disco to do before bed.  Exhausting stuff this cruising.

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